Thursday, May 1, 2014

What if?

This is a post I wrote up during January then after I was done didn't have time to edit and then forgot completely about it. enjoy 

Many years ago I decided to decorate my room. I wanted a cheep, easy way but something that would remind me of not only who I am, but what I want to be. A Christ-like servant.

I thought for a long time, months in fact and Christmas came. Now my mother has one of the most amazing spiritual gifts in the world. The gift of research. Now you might be thinking 'how can that be amazing?' Trust me. For one who struggles with it it is very amazing. My mother is a walking, talking encyclopedia, and it is far easier to do the research by saying 'mom I need help.' and she points out a link or three or a hundred and tells me to have fun. But one year I asked for unique Christmas songs.

Santa bring me a dinosaur, The Loneliest lonely, A song about what Reindeer do Christmas day before they pull Santa's sleigh, are some that Mom found but the one that captured me I think was titled Christmas year round  or something like that. Honestly I have never been able to get all the way through it for many reasons. One, about half way through the song it.... Lets just say I have pretty perfect pitch and There were some sour notes in there. Two because it is five and a half minuets long... and repeats itself over and over and over again.

But there is a reason why it caught my attention. During one of the verses it says

what if the seasons kept on changing 
but the kindness and, 
the goodness and, 
the feeling of rejoicing never went away at all?

What if we treat others, year round, the way we treat them during the holidays. The thought... well... startled me, surprised me, shocked me. I suppose that is what I like about music. that.... part of it that makes you stop and think. 

I listened to the first half over and over and over again during the Christmas holidays. Meanwhile trying to decide how I wanted my room, My Aunt bought my sister a package of Purple and black ornaments. My riddle was salved. 

I went to the store and while everything was fifty percent off or more I bought the Pink set, Green set, Blue set, silver set, and seven Pink and green and Purple big ornaments. I had my answer. 

My room still has the ornaments hanging from the ceiling as I go to sleep at night I gaze up at them and I remember. What if? What if I do treat others daily, year round, the way I treat them at Christmas, with love, and compassion, a servants heart. I see them every morning when I wake up and it reminds me of my goal. To be Christlike. It also reminds me of my savor's life. How he was born in a lowly stable, true it was the stable used for birthing the sacrificial sheep, but still a stable. He grew up trained in the skills of a carpenter. Left his home at thirty to serve and teach. Then finally died in our place on a wooden cross, he was buried, and then rose again the third day according to the scripture. 

What if the seasons kept changing, but our attitude towards each other stays the same year round. No, we don't have to give gifts, or buy needless objects. But strive to treat others daily the way we want to be treated. To live daily with a Christmas attitude. I don't succeed. I doubt I ever will. There will never be a time during this life in which I can, without fail live that type of life. But God is helping me achieve the goal. Each day I try, Each day I fail, Each day I am forgiven, each day I try again. 

No life isn't easy. It is almost never fair. But I have a goal. And my room reflects that. One question people ask is why is the first ornament when I come out of the restroom say Merry Christmas. Why did I put it there. It is because My life is dirty. My soul was like a dirty rag before Jesus saved me. The world was dirty like a bathroom. But... but He did come, and we celebrate it during Christmas. And year round I want to be reminded of that fact. The world is dirty without Jesus, and it will be till he returns and cleans it up. 

As I glance around my room I see elements of myself. My T-shirt quilt that I helped make, sewing desks, bed, canisters filled with the mess I don't want people to see... (as if it is all that neat at this time) But if I look up I see the ornaments and I am reminded, of who I am, and what I am to become. I am a dirty, rotten, pig-like sinner. But Christ has saved me, he has redeemed me from my sin. And cleansed my soul and written my name in the lamb's book of life. And what did I do to deserve this? Nothing... Absolutely nothing. Honestly I don't deserve it. I should still be in that pig pen but Jesus loved me, loved you, so much he came, died, and rose again the third day. And all I have to do is accept that, repent of my sin, admit that I do not deserve to go. And have (this is a hard one) have faith that he will. I will forever try to serve Jesus. I made the choice to have him be my savoir years ago, But letting him be... letting him be my LORD is a day in, day out choice. 

What if the seasons kept changing?  But we did not, nor did our attitude toward each other? 

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