Sunday, June 23, 2013


Silence, complete and total silence. Calm, peace, quiet, no not quiet, there is sound. Birds sing about me, voices too. They are unimportant.

Pain... my head hurts! So does my back!

Still voices. They are louder. Maybe I should open my eyes.

I am not in bed... where am I? This is not home. This is not church... Work... that is were I am.

Why am I here? I only come on Fridays.... It was Sunday... It can't be Friday... Why am I here?

"Nelly Don't move."

I stare up at the face above me trying to figure out what it all means after a few seconds of thought I remember the name. "Anna, What happened."

"You fell. Don't move your head it will only make things worse."


"Do you remember?"

I begin to shake my head but stop. The pain is too great.

"No don't move."

"I am not."

I look around. I know the people around me too but they are not important. Nothing is important.

Fear! How hurt am I? This pain is bad, I am forgetting things! No I did not just see that! My sister never comes here that was something else.

Answer the questions. Keep talking, look, search, find out, don't force information. Try to move legs... bad idea... that hurt. Answer question, state fact look around hear sounds... I stink.


Here I have given you a blip-it into what I felt, what I saw, what I heard after regaining... after I woke up after the fall ( I can't spell that other word.)  I have storyized it but this is essentially how I felt.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Rosamond interview.

And it's Friday again! Time for another interview with Miss Jane Bennet who blogs here. This week we are going to interview the characters.

1. What is your name?

My name is Rosamond.

2. How many siblings do you have?

I have a twin, Susannah, and an annoying little brother named William.

3. What do you imagine doing as an adult?

I'd like to change the world somehow.  

4. Using one word describe yourself.


5. What is your favorite color?


6. What is your favorite sport?

Ummm...I like soccer, softball, baseball, tennis, biking, track...I like sports.  ;)

7. What is one thing you wish you could do?

I'd like to be able to know what people think about me.

8. What is your favorite school subject?

I like math and P.E.

9. What is your favorite book?

I like Lord of the Rings...I like adventure, fantasy or sci-fi books, I guess.

10. What is your favorite hymn?

Note from author: Rosamond isn't a Christian yet...she will be within the next couple I'll just tell her what her favorite hymn is going to be.
My author says that my favorite hymn is The Lord is My Shepherd.

Thank you both very much. 

(I will put in a note here. Elm (Rose's little brother) Just informed me that the Rowa (where Rose is from) Does have books. Rose and I both forgot.)

Friday, June 14, 2013

A Fortnight in a Lighthouse Interview

Here it is Friday again (really!) and another June crusade interview with Miss Jane Bennett who blogs here. Today we will discuss the book that I am critiqueing for her.... I wrote down the first five questions she did the next five then answered all ten. (The questions I answered will be posted on her blog.) 

The name of the book is A Fortnight in a Lighthouse and without anymore adieu here are the questions. 

1: Give a brief synopsis.
Two girls go to stay with their aunt and cousins in a lighthouse and come to Christ.
2. What is the lesson you are trying to teach?
Pretty much it's just the basic Christian theme and message about our Savior.  I think it's also a lot about the importance of family sticking together through difficulties and supporting each other.
3. What inspired this story?
I was reading The Saturdays by Elizabeth Enright.  At the end of that book, her characters go to stay in a lighthouse for the summer.  I thought that would be fun and was inspired to write a book about that.  I started with two girls going to stay in a lighthouse on vacation and sort of adapted the plot from there.
4. How does your mood affect your book?
When I am sad and gloomy, I tend to write dark, adventurous scenes.  When I am angry, I write dark, creepy scenes.  When I am happy or hopeful, the mood of the story brightens and the characters usually manage to extricate themselves from trouble.  ;)

5. Do you like to eat, drink or have anything playing (Mozart, and such) while writing?
No, not usually.  I don't like distractions while I write.

6. Do you like writing in a notebook or on a computer better?
On a computer, usually.  When I have a fancy notebook, though...;)

7. Was it the characters or the plot that first inspired your book?
The plot.  As I said before, I wanted to write a story about kids staying in a lighthouse, and I just went from there.

8. What type of scene do you enjoy writing the most?  i.e. sad scenes, celebration scenes, etc.
I like writing dark, creepy, sad scenes the best.  Funerals, deaths, creepy dark forests....

9. What is the biggest way this book has affected your life?
It's the first book I've written that has actually showed promise of getting near the length I want it to be.  It's really boosted my self-confidence and my enthusiasm for writing.

10. Are any of your characters based on a real person or a character from a different book?
Susannah and Melody both share some aspects of my character.  My sister is definitely a Kate, and I based Rosamond on several book characters and lots of old school friends.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Concussions and Characters

OK folks I have been saying I would do this for some time, So I guess I better. This post is on concussions and your character. This is one of the top mistakes authors make. They will hit their character upside the head ship them off to the hospital then within days the character is back to normal.... honest no. Never in a million years will that be true.

Out of all the organs in the body the brain takes the longest to heal. For a brain to heal to the point where it would be considered 'healed' takes twelve weeks. Yeah, if you ask me that interpenetrates into 'FOREVER.'

If the character is dazed: their head will probably hurt for about six weeks, if you have a bouncy character they will not run or jump during that time. (Tigger will loose his bounce.) My sister once hit herself in the head with her staff and the rest of the family was very thankful because she did not run through the house at top speed for weeks afterwards and we actually had time to deal with some piles that she typically knocked over during her 'imagination spurt'

If you decide to knock them out you will have to have them pay the consequences. After you hit your head depending on where the Bobo  took place they will experience some complications.

Lets take my fall for example I was knocked out for under a minuet and I couldn't remember anything that happened in the last forty eight hours. I spent five hours in the hospital, and had to check in with my doctor within the next forty-eight hours. Hats hurt, Hair bows hurt, pats on the head hurt, and so on. I was not aloud out of Mom's sight for one week. I was confused and asked the same question over and over not quite understanding the answer. I was unable to move my leg. And my musical abilities were greatly subdued. It took about four weeks before I got back to my normal schedule and even though it has been six weeks I still get dizzy easily and am not handling the heat of summer.

Facts to be noted:

  • 90% of the work done in the recovery posses is done by the patient due to the fact that he or she notices the change the most and has to live with it. 
  • The most important thing during the recovery processes is therapy. First day or so leave them bee let them do what they want how they want then start making them think. Teach them new things. If the right hemisphere was impaired have them draw, do music, write, be creative. If it was the left make them write, talk, use logic, and other left brain activities. I made my left hand do most of the work I did around the house to make my right brain work. 
  • Confusion is common. They are quite disoriented and the longer period of time they are out the worse the confusion is. 
  • The proper response to "What happened, where am I" is "what is the last thing you remember." after they tell you you inform them that they have hit their head and tell them to not move if it is a stubborn character... (or person like I am) they will try to move. 
  • DON'T MOVE THEM. unless you have a paramedic, or doctor you should get them on their side if there is only one character present to make the call and they have to go to another room otherwise leave them in the Poisson the fell,and leave them there. IF your character knows CPR you can do a bit more but whatever you do, DON't MOVE THEM WITHOUT MEDICAL ASSISTANCE. 
These are facts I have found while researching the matter over the last three years. Yes folks concussions have been a obsession of mine for the last three years. I enjoy working with people with mental problems for it is interesting how, when, and what will trigger things. A sound, A single word, heat, you should not push a recovery, it just happens. It will take a full Year before the brain is as healed as it is going to be. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

An Interview with Jane Bennet

During the month of June I am doing a "writers unite" gig hosted by Anne girl who blogs here. Six of us brave souls (as she put it) signed up and she using the information we gave her teamed us up into groups of two. My partner is Miss. Jane Bennet who blogs here

I will put out a Thank-you to Anne girl for she picked a great match for me. LOL Jane and I have been having a blast chatting back and forth about everything and nothing. (as my BFF puts it.) 

Since one of the things that is required during this thing is to post on the others blog we talked it over and decided to do interview. So I am the one asking the questions and she is the one answering them. enjoy. 

1. How did you get started writing?

Well...I'm not exactly sure.  I've loved writing since Kindergarten.  In Kindergarten, I wrote and illustrated a story called Walking in the Rain.  I just wrote random short stories through 4th Grade.  During that year, I began to seriously think of writing actual books.  I've never actually finished one yet, but I'm working on it.  :D

2. What is your favorite genre?

Ummm....I like anything from the "olden days"...would you call that period drama, or...?
I also like science fiction, fantasy...anything interesting, I guess!

3. What is your favorite character to write?

You mean from my book, right?
I really enjoyed writing Kate's character.  Charades and trivia forever!
Also, Kate was the most complex and unfamiliar character for me.

4. What do you want to be when you grow up?

I've gone through many, many ambitions.  An architect, an actress (that was short-lived, I can tell you), an author, a movie director, a horse trainer...the list is endless.  However, I would say that the two that are most likely are an author or...well, just an author, I guess.  :D

5. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Oh boy.  Normandy, France...or London...or Kentucky...or Paris...but I guess Normandy.  If I could speak French.  ;)

6. When not writing, what could you be found doing?

Biking, horse riding, reading (especially reading!), playing with my siblings, playing violin, browsing at the library, or baking desserts.

7. Who encourages you the most while writing?

My Dad.

8. Where is your favorite place to write?

At my desk on the laptop.  Or, when I'm using a notebook, I like to crawl under bushes or climb up in a tree when it's warm out.  When it's cold or wet, I like sitting next to the fire in a comfy rocking chair, with a cup of hot chocolate next to me.  Yum.  :)

9. What is one weird fact about you?

Um.  Let's see...
I consider Jane Austen's books to be very exciting.  Either that, or the fact that once I pulled out a tooth that wasn't even loose because I was wiggling it while reading a suspenseful book.

10. Did you always know you wanted to be an author?

Well, I haven't always wanted to be an author.  But pretty much, yes.  I've always enjoyed writing and looked at it as a very possible career choice.

Please jog over to her blog and see the other side of the interview. LOL Me answering her questions. This has been quite fun. And I hope to have her back next week discussing... ? Well stay tuned We will announce as soon as we know. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rose's Fun

Hi I am Rose. Rose Eaglewing and today I am going to answer some stupid questions about my Author.


Well they are VK.

Anne girl who blogs  Here has challenged the characters to answere some questions about us. I have nominated Rose. I think she will answer them in a... interesting manner. 

  • Describe your author in one word.
  • Over-Exuberant... Jack-of-all-trades-and-master-of-none... Stupid...Really.... 
  • If your author had a theme song what would it be?
  • My Author is a poet... She writes songs... a song that describes her... I don't know really know. 
  • If you could pick an actor to play your author who would it be?
  • We don't have movies in the Rowa. And nor do I watch television here. 
  • What are your author's strengths?
  • She is good with animals 
  • Weaknesses?
  • She has no ability for words whatsoever she can't write worth a flip and is constantly trying to be something she isn't 
  • What type of laugh does he or she have?
  • Giggles which annoy me mighty 
  • Any strange hobbies?
  • She talks to the animals. Or atleast she thinks she does 
  • What was the weirdest thing she did for his/her writing?
  • She had a boy KISS my hand, YUCK!!! 
  • If you could make him/her do one thing differently what would it be?
  • She would have a sense of humer. Honestly she doesn't she makes these weird jokes and then to make things worse LAUGH at herself. Really! She also puts these jokes in her book, sigh they aren't any good. Like the other day she wanted a Earth cake in divers places. REALLY. 
  • What is your favorite thing about his/her writing?
  • UMMMMM well... at least she does get me out of that youcky hole. 

    Yeah folks I told you this would be fun... SIGH. Oh Rose; Life sin't that bad is it? 

    Well since she just gave me the look I suppose she does. 

    Well now to tag five people (If you have someone you have to do them if you don't have fun) 

    Kendra E. Ardnek=Joan 
    Miss Bennet= Kate
    Miss. Melody

    Tuesday, June 4, 2013

    Tape, Books, and more lables

    I sigh as I look about at the mountain of books that dominate our kitchen table. I declare after three weeks of those three words I HATE paperbacks, hardback or any other type of book you can hold in your hand I am quite exhausted, And have vowed never to ever work in a library.

    First we take all the books off the shelf and Mom looks up the call number and writes in the flyleaf.

    Then Kendra takes the book and writes down all the information into the database adding a little slip of paper with the call number into the book.

    Finally I get the book put the labels on it. (Every tenth or so I get the privilege of a new paper cut.) If there is any loose pages I tape then back on. Then Finally when that is all done I get to shelf it. This wasn't so bad when there was only three hundred but now we are at a thousand books shelved and I am quite done with it.

    So this is what i am doing at the moment and I have quite a pile to catch up so I will will say goodbye.

    Monday, June 3, 2013

    A sky went by... or something like that.

    Honestly folks I haven't forgotten to write, I just haven't had time. I have been so buisy doing Everything except horses. *SIGH!*

    I haven't really been writing. I got a little... idea-ed out? during 100 for 100 (I was one of the grand winners!) My brain just did not want to focus on putting words to a paper to create a story. (of any kind)

    So instead of writing I got back to one of my... hobbies that I haven't had time for for a long time; Photography. As I once said (I think) I am my sister's Kendra E. Ardnek's Personal Photographer. I am not that good but it is good enough. I will post my personal three favorites that I have taken this last month. (I have taken about 3,000 photos this month and some of them are quite breath taking.)

    This one would have been perfect had it not been for that wire!!!!

    The missing ball. 

    I took 16 pictures and this is the only one that came out OK and is my personal favorite. 

    Interesting view. I was thrilled to find a spider web was captured as well as the beauty of a flower from below. 

    Mom found this, I am quite pleased with the way it came out.

    I just thought this was neat. I have always loved the beauty of the prickle-vine. 

    Pine-cones. Around here these are quite common. 

    See the flower?

    The attack of the killer aphids 

    I just love Daises 

    The back eyed Susan has got to be the sillist named flower in the world for Susan means graceful... I wonder how she got a black eye.  

    From the Rose bush in the blackberry patch at the end of the road. I took quite a few pictures of the flowers but this is my favorite and currently my desk top photo. 

    Something Rue found... It's a duck... in the road.... Poor thing.

    And the....uhhh.... for the aphids.... I am keeping a eye out for Lady bug larva. I think it is so amazing to watch them grow. 


    A Cat. 

    Well at least I planned it to only be three.... As I said I have taken over three thousand pictures and picking just three is a bit on the hard side. LOL 

    Well another thing I have been working on is Violin, My teacher just gave me my Christmas assignment on top of that I have to be ready to play in church. almost every Sunday so I am putting in about ten to fifteen hours a week into it.... I am not sure but I think I enjoy it. 

    Ok enough of the bad jokes. I will be having some guest posts this month. My sister and Miss Jane Bennett my critic partner from crusade, or as I say it, The June thing. LOL I have trouble remembering names. Miss. Jane Bennett  writes at

    Well I suppose that is it. I can't think of any remarkable way to end this post so I will simply say. BYE!!!!

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