Individual book: (standalone) 

Title: Led By the DOVE 
Brief Synopsis:  Story of the life of Lady Katherine, A girl who after the deaths of her entire family finds she is in charge of the outpost Cardan. 
Main Character(s): Lady Katherine 
Current State: Writing 
Inspiration: The Morning Calm 

Title: The Rise of the Dazy 
Brief Synopsis:  Daisy, an outcast princess must free her people from slavery at the hands of the Larvanans. 
Main Character(s): Princess Daisy of Galleon, Prince Ean of Tempus, Maid Eline, (others) 
Current State: Look right
Inspiration: Not sure. 

Title: Jump and fetch it 
Brief Synopsis: Story of Ashlene a Helicra as a Jump-and-fetch-it for the local doctor 
Main Character(s): Ashlene, Evander, Noni, Dr. Edger 
Current State: 

Series: The Tales of Ooladada

Title: The Tales of Ooladada
Books within: Behind the Rainbow 
Brief Synopsis: When my sister and I fall through a portal in our back yard we don't know what to expect. 
Planned length: 14books (so far) 
Current State: working... 
Inspiration: A dream I had when I was five. 

Book you're working on in the series.

Current Book: Behind the Rainbow
Brief Synopsis:
Main Character(s): 
Current State:

Series: The Eagle Logs 

Title: The Eagle Logs 
Books within: Elvings Away
Brief Synopsis: Journeys of the Feather ship "Eagle" from 6721-
Planned length: Uncertain 
Current State: Planing 
Inspiration: Star trek 

Book you're working on in the series.

Current Book: Elvings Away 
Brief Synopsis: After the death of her  Father, Rose and her family join the crew of the Eagle. 
Main Character(s): Rose, Apple, Betty, Captain Charles, Elm, Oak, Jack, Tom, Mrs. Eaglewing 
Current State: Working on my second draft 

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