Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Summer Fun

English Lesson 3: Improving your writing Style
V.Kathie Ardnek
P. 19-22
August 5, 2015
A. Write a composition of 150-200 words, telling about an interesting experience you incorporate originality and creativity that will make your writing interesting to read? Do your best.
As you guys can see, this is a school assignment. :D Oh I love killing two birds with one stone.
This story starts around the school room. Each one of us were doing our own thing. Despite there nobody talking, the room was not quiet, the hum of the AC, the clank of keyboards, the screech of pencils and chalk, and the rumble of falling blocks echoed through the room. Each one of us had plans for the day, each one of us knew what we would be doing- or so we thought.
Mom's mind never stops, she is always planning something. July heat, plus all that noise had really gotten it going. She had an idea, and we were going to help.
Mom suddenly looked up and over her monitor screen at me, "Hey V, go find four fence posts."
I blinked, my eyebrows shooting straight up like a rocket. "W-why?" I stammer, trying to pull myself up and back out of the story I was working on.
"We are giving the AC a house."
I blinked once more. "A house?" I say, trying to put the puzzle pieces where they belong.
"Yep, with a tarp."
"What tarp." By this point, I was not only confused, but hoping mom would forget this harebrained idea. Fence posts, tarp, Ac; that to me sounded like a project. A big project. One of those projects that first of all wouldn't work. Second of all, would only waste money and time.
However, my luck was not going to get me out of this notion, no sir-y-bob! I was in for the ride, and the bronc was ready to go.
Kendra and I were able to stall mom for a while. Each of us finding something new to bring up in order to maybe let the sun go down, and thereby get out of pounding posts.
At sundown, we breathed a sigh of relief, flashing smiles of success... We spoke too soon. Mom grabbed a flashlight, the two littles and we marched outside.
The AC, or the big silver noisy box that we have to save from the weed monsters every few days or so, sits beside our back door on the north side of the house. From nine in the morning, to five at night, it is in full, unrelenting sunlight. Being almost too small for the area it's supposed to cool, it struggles to keep our house tolerable. This was the reason for the project. To attempt to make life easier on that poor abused contraption.
So with everything that could possibly be needed, (and a few that made no sense) We set to work. The first post, being into a mud puddle was easy. With two whacks the six foot green steel post slid into the ground with ease. The second one wasn't much harder. It went straight into the harder dirt with but five or six mighty thunks. But after that, it got hairy. The other side of the square decided it wouldn't cooperate, We set the third right smack dab in the middle of  a flower pot it was so dark. Our 'wait till sunset' idea was beginning to back fire.
Thunk. Thunk. Thunk. CLANK!
We all cringed, Kendra examined the spot. "Ooopse, It's the basil pot." She told me.
Palm met forehead as I groaned. "Really!"
We yanked the post back up and moved it a couple of inches running into another flower pot. Then into another, and another. Backwards and backwards we moved it. Finally finding another muddy spot we pounded the post in and followed that one in with the fourth corner.
Then we all scattered like roaches to find the tarp. In getting outside we had not been able to get our eyes on it. I had done a deep clean of the kitchen (stalling) and had moved it from the place we had had it. We were in trouble.
Scouring the house from top to bottom, I finally found it on the couch. Back to business five minuets later, it was time to put our non-existent building skills to the test.
The posts were too far apart. In avoiding flower pots, we had ended up making the rectangle double the size it should have been. Groaning, I lay on the post rocking it as hard as I could back and fourth to yank it up out of the rocky soil to be placed someplace new.
That one was easy, it took a bit, but there were no roots in that location so once I had made the hole bigger, it came out without any fuss. The other one wasn't so easy. That one too I yanked back and forth with the whole of my 102 pounds, the lifted, and got stuck on a root. I don't know  how we got that thing in without hitting the root, then on the way out found it, but I did. Growling, I rocked harder. Twist, rock, lift, twist, rock, lift- POP! Third time's a charm as they say, I was just about to go get a shovel and dig the brute out.
By this point the last light of the day had disappeared, being replaced by the moon's luminescence and fireflies.
In the dark, we went searching for that post banger once more in the dark, finding it, we set to pounding the two posts once more into the ground for a repeat of operation AC house.
That being done, it was time to mount the tarp on top of post and secure them... or not. We forgot that the top of those posts were sharp, and very likely to rip the tarp, making the entire project worthless. So back inside we went to find yogurt cups.
We actually have quite the supply of them, I don't think we've thrown away one ever unless it was split in half, and only if we couldn't find something else to do with it. (Like shovels, boats, scoops, mother's day cards, exc.) Digging through the kitchen, we grabbed the first set we found, short, squat and four times larger than the top of the posts. But it worked.
Now that our posts had hats, we were ready to mount the tarp, or so we thought. We had brought out string, mom wanted twine, and Po had disappeared completely. So with me after the brother, and Kendra after the twine, we met back back outside ready to install the roof.
It only took nine times, and all four of us yanking and pulling, and catching flying yogurt cups before we finally got done. The last twine almost tied on, the AC popped on. And we discovered... we had just suffocated the contraption.
I went inside to allow mom and Kendra to solve that one, (Which they did with cloths pins) and set to work on the laundry.
Mom however, was not done with the big projects. BANG! I looked down the stairs and here mom came with the board mom bought to fix the hole in the floor we made from jumping on the bed. I looked at Kendra, Kendra looked at me, "No!" We both exclaimed.
Five minuets she said. It will be easy she said. Nothing to it! V and I will lift, Po and Sunshine will take care of the wheels (Yeah, her bed has wheels on it) And Kendra will push the board under. The bed.
Three problems. Alright, four... or five. First problem. Kendj and I are so tired, we were falling asleep. Po was now in the middle of a five hour bubble bath. -_-. And we had a five year old girl with a shoe obsession looking UNDER the bed..... But that's an adventure for another day.
Looking under the bed, Sunshine suddenly cried, "MY SHOE!" And dove deep under the bed to grab the object.
"DON't DROP IT!" She cried muffled as us two wimpy girls held up a very heavy bed.
Oh man I can only laugh as I think back. The AC's house has been rebuilt, and remolded many times. We still are not happy with it. But for now, it's staying as is.

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