Friday, February 8, 2013

A Valentine challenge.

Just As I Am One of the blogs I just ran across is doing a ... challenge. I think that is the word I am looking for. 

I will have you know that I am not a big Romantic, (despite what Kenj will tell you) I think kisses are yuck, guys are wimps,  flowers belong outside, and I don't have room for stuffies. I know other people enjoy it, it isn't for me. But I will go ahead and do the challenge simply because it sounds like fun.

1. White chocolate or milk/dark chocolate? 

Well for me if it is in my possession it is gone. But if you love me you will make sure it doesn't have milk 

2. Tea or Coffee? 

Personally both. Add a bit of stevia (a sweetener) and I am good to go. I will have them both cold or hot. 

3. Movie or book on a night-in? 

Hummm... I am more of a listener that a reader but recently I don't care. We only just got a new TV (the other did not like to behave) 

4. Rom-com or a tear-jerker?  

I don't get jokes, kisses grouses me out and I don't like crying. Personally I like SCI-FI but that isn't a option. 

5. Who is the first literary couple to come to your mind? 

Humm.... Shasta/Cor and Aravis. (from the Horse and his boy

6. Who is the first *movie* couple that comes to your mind? 

MOVIE!!! Okay let me see, I don't watch movies that often. Flynn Rider and Rapunzel. 

7. Roses or chocolate?

A big bouquet of pens with a chocolate kiss. Okay I am weird but with my pollen allergies and mold allergies it just ain't safe to do real flowers. 

8. Fancy dinner in a 4-star restaurant or a simple picnic? 

Fancy dinner! I rarely go out to eat but sure do LOVE it. But I would insist that one of my siblings come too. I wouldn't trust myself out with a guy. At least not unsupervised I don't take hints very well. I would need someone to let me know when he was joking or being serous. 

9. Dream wedding scenario: outdoor family affair, or a formal church wedding & reception at a 5-star hotel?

Haven't thought of it. Probably outdoor family affair. 

10. What was the last love song you listened to? 

Forever and Ever Amen. A country song I have listened to since I was six. 

11. Favorite real-life/celebrity couple? 

Favorite real-life? My grandparents? I think it is just a bunch of mushy stuff. 

12. One piece of advice about love: 

Love is a verb, not a noun. (read first Corinthians 13) and don't jump in till you are ready for a commitment. 

Character Encounter: Rhon

via pinterest

Kat (my BFF) and I are hiding. And from what you ask, from the fact that this is my sweet sixteen and mom has decided to let the kids do a Easter egg hunt. IT'S JULY! 

We can see the kids in the garden looking among the neat rows of beans for the eggs while the two of us giggle away down by the four-tree. We see one of Kat's sibs fall so she runs to go cheer them up. 

I sit back looking up into the branches above my head for several seconds. 

"Happy birthday Princess V!" I hear I sit up to see the smiling face of Dazy tailed by a slightly younger Red headed girl who I know to be her little sister. 

"hey Dazy, Hey Rhon, So glad you could make it!" 

Rhon looks a bit frightens of all the other people running about and takes her sister's hand tight in both of hers. 

Dazy smiles and encouragingly pushes her towards the fun. But alas she does not go. "Rhon is a bit shy." she tells me. 

I nod remembering that day I met her, she had disappeared into a pile of stuffed toys to escape the introduction. "You can't blame her for being shy." I say. "You guys kind of grew up in the middle of nowhere." 

Dazy nods, "Yep and meeting new people never happened." 

"Well, Let's find her a bag and get her in on the hunt then it will be time for cake." 

I lead the two over to where we have stashed the bags and watch as Dazy works with Rhon. Though she is but three years younger in this crowd Rhon seems much younger. 

Finally though Rhon starts to enjoy herself. My cousin Grub1 even helps her reach a high up egg that we stashed in a tree. 

Kat, Dazy, and Kendra finally joins me and we count up the eggs to make sure we have them all. 

(no mom this is not a hint of what I want to do for my Bday this year, personally I haven't a clue) 

Anybody want to suggest a theme for my sweet sixteen? 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Snake did not!

And January is finished, (yes mom I just started a paragraph with a And) January is DONE! And Now I can tell you what I have accomplished  *crickets* OK not much but I do have a little bit to put down.

Udiah wasn't sure how long she had been lying there when she awoke. Somehow during the capture they must have knocked her and Zelphie both out. Where ever they were it was entirely to dark for her to see anything.

 She stared from one man to the other the color completely draining from her face. “I had better deliver the duck before it regains contousness and we have something fowl loose in the house.” With that she fled the room, both men roaring with laughter behind her. As she fled she could hear her father saying “Always was a shy one.”

Song looked out over the mountains, her hair whipping about her like waves on a restless sea, though she was nothing but restless. She stood their hands relaxed at her sides her eyes closed, she was content; Content with her parent’s choice of ruler, content with their choice of home.
-I Will Sing-

I took a deep breath then ever so slowly slipped the wire ring around the snake’s neck… Well I probably should skip the messy details because I know little girls will read this and I do not want to scare them. I will let you know I lived, the cat lived, Rhon lived, and the snake did not, it however was bagged up into the snake bag and hung safely outside on a hook to await the woodcutter to help deal with it from there.
-Dazy's story (still needs a title)-  

I also have been working on a personal story but it is just that, personal. 

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