Friday, March 29, 2013

Dazhi has the board!

Hey guys, Don't tell V but I have stolen her computer for a bit... Ok so she will find out just as soon as this publishes.

My book if you look right is at twenty thousand words and I am at a very awkward point in my life. The day I get out of Eline her back story. ;D Let's just say at the moment I am in trouble.

Kendra (V's older sister) just asked how long the book is if I looked wrong... Well  Kendra. I am talking about right as in right verses left not right versos wrong.

And... Ut oh. I hear V putting away her Violin so I better scoot before I am discovered. If you have any questions please Email V. at Bye!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Look Right

So after three days of day camp, a day out in the yard working with my best friend, and hiding in my room today I think I shall pop in to say, HI.

I will tell you that the camp was bad... Well actually it was a lot of fun. It was a camp on American Heritage done by the Frontier girls group in my area. (a ton of fun)

I enjoyed the American Dances part best. (probably because I like to dance.) Not waltzing or anything like that, we did a line dance and a square dance. (So much fun.)

 Yesterday I decided to give you guys a hint of where I am in my first draft of The rise of the Dazy so if you look right, at the top is my word count. I will try to update it at least once a week.

Also I have overhead a couple of my characters discussing doing their own posts on here. I don't know who or where or when. but Elsie said I was being a bit lazy in the posting department. *chuckle*

Well I have stuff to do and people to see so I have to run.

Question: What is Black and White and Red all over. Find out in my next post. (that I do)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Quick HI

Hey guys, since it is a bit unlikely that I will be getting on in a couple of days I am popping in to say a quick hi.

 We will tomorrow be going to a church sewing for orphans thing. Then Sunday is of course church. I am playing my Violin in church now so I doubt I will be on due to the fact that I am a introvert and will be doing my best to hide in my room for the rest of the day.

Then over the following three days I will be going to American heritage Boot camp. Which will be interesting since one of the teachers is from London. (I will be writing a report for school and it will show up on my other blog.)

Then Thursday I have crops to plant and more people to see.

Then Friday will be calm to wind us up into a very hectic Saturday filled with second hand shopping. FUN.... Really, I cannot give you a ton of details on that but in town the right for life group does a yearly garage sale where there will be a fill a bag for ten dollars sale at the end, and since I am a semstriss I can take skirts that the elastic is shot in and make them useful for the littles or in some cases ME.

So I find this thing a WHOLE lot of FUN! There will also be some of my other favorite things; hats, old hats. And SHOES, though I doubt many will fit but still it is fun to go look at all the crazy shoes there are.

Can you tell I enjoy shopping?

Then it will be Sunday again and I will probibly hide once more and not come out of my shell till Tuesday. Sometimes I hate being a introvert.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ain't Nuthin' like a surprise!

Hey folks! This last week I read a really great book called

I loved the way she went at this book, the story was awesome and instructive. (I am  home-schooled and I really don't know what goes on in a real school.) But from what I have seen and read she did a great job. She interviewed a ton of people and added in their input into the story both supporting her view and not. A LOT of the interviews were repetitive but still very well done.

The story was about a girl who really hates what is going on in her school so she wants to do something about it including just getting as far from the system as possible. For a public school based book the language was very clean and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Well at the end of the book it has her blog so I went to go check it out. Here this lady has so many books published but  has no followers (Ok she has three including myself). So I am (without her knowing it) sharing her blog so it doesn't look so lonely when people come and visit after reading her book.

Currently  she has her book Egg Hunt is free.

Here is her blog, I haven't read the book yet but as soon as I do I will let you know what I think of it. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Our Typical Trio

It is now the end of February... (Really?) Sigh and time for another snip-its  This month I wrote 5311 words on the Dazy story and 2265 words on my personal story and read 4 novella and 2 novels. (novel concept)  so I have been busy just not on my blog.  I also wrote four more songs. But I will wait to share the lyrics till I have them how I want them.

Well without anymore to do, my snip-its.

I opened my eyes, and screamed. Yes Brave ole’ me, who is willing to take on a snake screamed when she found herself in a small octagonal room surrounded by people all dressed more or less the same.  
The Rise of the Dazy: The legend of Queen Dazy

Nobody sees this girl next morning; nobody sees her slip to the barn hackamore in hand.
It is still so early that not even the birds are awake but still she is here. The small gray pony knickers to her as she approaches, "Hey girl!" she whispers as she rubs the black snip. She then quickly catches the pony and slips the hackamore onto her long warm face, then rains in hand she brushed the mare then slipped a pad and surcingle onto his back then hopped on herself. 
Galloping through the trees she let her joy escape with a hearty giggle. As soon as she is sure she is out of sight of  the houses she moves into a two point then stands upright her feet on the pad her arms outstretched.
"Compass!!!" One of her cousins yells startling her, she losses her balance and plummets towards the ground. 
Compass (my personal story) 

Finally a large man with a thick black beard stepped forward and introduced himself as Captain Hedrick. I frowned, Eline smiled, Rhon fainted; yep we were our typical trio.  
The Rise of the Dazy: The legend of Queen Dazy

I was made for a mission, 
I was made to play a Position , 
I was made to go where God wants me to go! 
"I was made", Song I wrote

For some time that next morning I just lay there in bed wondering where I was for I had forgotten. It was a very plain room; a bunk bed in one corner with a desk in another and a closet in another. It had white walls and wooden floors and all in all very plain. 
The Rise of the Dazy: The legend of Queen Dazy

And I think I will stop there, most of what I wrote isn't to good, (writers block will do that to you) Oh well there is still so much to do. I think I will show you what else I am working on... but not now. When I am finished probably. 

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