Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Maybe it is because you haven't moved a muscle in a week. (Dr. McCoy in a 'Time for Yesterday')

Ok guys I am home. I am getting dizzy easily and my entire back hurts but other than that I feel fine. Shoot it was only my head that hit the concrete.

I won't relay my entire experience but I definitely sympathize (?) with Rhon now. I don't think I should be so mean to my characters. It kind of comes back to haunt me.

Anyways since I am at it I might as well tell you the answer to my question a while back.
Picture I drew Sorry I couldn't remember how to make it right side up

Yellow flowered dress I made 

Pink flowered dress I made 

A bunch of the dresses the second and forth I made 

And here is the answer, that last one is my black and white and red all over dress I was going to add a  red pocket but I ran out of time.

Note if any words are misspelled I will tell you upright my head is still spinning a bit and I cannot for the life of  me think straight. 

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  1. I'm glad you're home, V!!! And very glad you weren't seriously injured. Ugh, dizziness and headaches are no fun whatsoever. I hope you feel better soon! I'll keep praying for you.

    The very first time I fainted (it was several years ago; I think I was 16), I was holding a horse, for someone to trim its hooves. I'm very thankful it was a horse that didn't spook easily! (And if you're wondering why I fainted, well, it was because I was coming down with a bug and refused to admit it to anyone.) But, yeah, the upside to it all was that I can now write fainting scenes accurately! :)

    Cool picture! And I totally agree with the saying on it!


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