Sunday, August 3, 2014

Two headed turtles

I must be dreaming. That could be the only explanation for the red sky... red sky... oh no... I feel my cheeks grow hot remembering the last time I was here getting chewed out for my inability to put one and one together and come up with three. 

I shake pulling myself out of that line of thought. I look around me. Like always I am surrounded by people. Characters from so many different books and series that it seemed illogical but that was the logic of Ooladada. 

"Hello, good sir, might I ask..." I take a deep breath. "What is going on?" worry crept into my voice. 

"Oh, dude, hi, we were about to go burn some rubber." He said indicating the weirdest race car ever. 

I gulp. How did I get myself into this type of crowd? I shake my head and sigh. I open my mouth to say something, But was interrupted by the shaggy man. 

"Might you be Princess V.K. ? Because we were supposed take her with us." 

The color drained from my cheeks. "Yes sir, I am. Might I ask where we are going?" 

A lady in a black leather outfit appeard out of nowhere. "Howard, is that the princess." 

"She says she is." 

"Well then we need to pack up and move out. We have miles to burn." She grabbed my elbow. Nerece, Pleased to meet you princess, we can talk on the road, There is something you need to see." 

Next thing I knew I was ridding inside that car with it going like a million miles a second. They were not kidding when they said 'burn rubber'. Nerece and Howard jabbered at me from the front seat there mouths going just as fast as the wheels of the souped up car. 

"Sweet ride huh dude?" Howard yelled over the engine. 

"It would be sweeter if it slowed down a bit." I answered. 

"Can't do that, We have a long way to go and You might not be here long enough as it is." 

I sighed and clung all the tighter to my seat. 

"Don't worry. We won't crash unless you want us to. You're the Anka after all." Nerece comforted me. 

"Thanks." I said through clinched teeth. Long ride was right with us going as fast as the car could go it still took us hours to reach our destination. The sky began to grow dark and the road became more and more rough we went from rolling hills to flat land to bog in a matter of seconds. Finally they started slowing down and was able to get a good look. 

"Getting pretty close." Howard yelled back. 

"Pretty close to what?" 

"Don't know, But I hope you will."  suddenly he slammed on his brakes and we came to a screaming halt.  

"What..." I look out the window to miles of upturned turtles. "Where are we? 

"Don't know the name just know that this is where the trouble is." Nerece said. 

"Trouble or turtles?" I asked half teasing. I climbed out of the back window and picked my way through them. I could sense pain from them. I wondered at this and started helping them flip over but still they all writhed in a drug like state. I glanced up at the sky. It was growing later and later. 

After traveling for miles we stopped at an dinner to grab a bite to eat. Not for me for I wasn't hungry but for my companions who clammed they could eat a horse. 

Now to the part of the story that actually matters. 

While we were eating, I suddenly saw/felt someone throw me/it off of a cliff then suddenly snap as if a rope was wrapped around me. I jerked back into the hear and now and quietly slipped outside. I followed the still present trail from the vision. till I came to the cliff that I saw. I looked out over the edge to see a small box turtle hanging from a rope tied about his middle I pulled him in untied him and gave him some food and water. 

After taking a few bites a second head appeared. "We/I would like to thank you Anka VK for coming to my/our rescue." 

"My honor, Do you know why I was brought here to begin with?" I asked still confused by the days advents. 

The turtle shook it's heads. "Can't you tell? I did not believe it, you are slow." 

My cheeks grew hot. 

"Look around you? Isn't there something odd going on?" 

Besides the fact that you have two heads, and I saw millions more turtles upside down unable to right themselves." 

The turtle took a deep breath. "Yes, but those are just products of a much bigger problem. You can't see it because You are not looking. Turn off you Ankulen and live like us for a second then you will see what I am talking about." 

I did, I had not realized up until that moment how dark it was. "My!" I said turning it back on.

"He is on the move, You have to warn the Anka and Anku, I can't promise they will be able to see it. He has already taken over this world, and he is after more." 

"Are you talking about the Polistoichedren?" I asked. 

"No, It's master. The prince of darkness. He is on the move." 

With that I woke up. 

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