Saturday, March 4, 2017

Saying Goodbye

I always thought I'd understand,
How it'd feel to hold your hand,
To listen to your voice once more,
And let you teach as you had before,

But like the grass you've withered away,
A shadow of your former days,
A man of sorrows, grief, and pain,
But the sun once more has turned to rain.

In my heart I always knew
You'd eventually wither as all things do
Before my eyes, you've done just that,
And now a shell, where you once sat.

I was a sprout when your eyes first gleamed,
A budding flower of springtime seemed
A reflection of someone close to you,
And for her sake, I was special to you.

In her name, you showed me, love,
I brought peace, a snow-kissed dove.
As the ash fell about,
Again you drifted in and out.

I the mirror of ashes fair,
Longed so much to meet your heir
The phantom girl who wore my face,
And for her sake, you showed me grace.

A life you had, of tears and grief,
Yet always you held to your firm belief
When waves of doubt and fear arose.
Or times of hate, and strength of foes.

I know not why you were accused,
Did they speak truth, or was it you?
Truth or hate? A lover's spat?
This you kept, e're under hat.

If it was in truth, the sin you did,
I never saw that evil fib.
But if in hate, the act was done,
Then love you showed, an inspiring one.

The lover did not deserve your care,
You who took the fall for every dare,
From B's in school, to help your sis,
To helping me learn to write like this.

It was you who nurtured in me this art.
From time you served for another's heart.
A skill you learned inside a cell,
You turned and taught to me quite well.

I hope you see me now up there.
Smiling down with gentle care.
Peace I know you've finally found,
After all the world has let you down.

In your life, I see a goal,
To love another despite the toll.
To own your sins, and joys the same,
And kindly speak all men's names.

To humbly endure while your body fades,
And graciously forgive despite the pains.
To accept the grief of the life down here,
While ever longing for the home up there.

You taught me so much, in so little time.
For joke, and song, and most of all rhyme.
A man who sat on the very back row.
And my face, made your's just glow.

It's in your name I write this time,
As the the gates did open, and you now shine.
The shell you were is empty at last,
And your life is all in the past.

A mirror for the one who called you dad,
And gave you a life you never had.
To watch your little girl grow up,
This I was, to your empty cup.

As I say goodbye, and try to see,
How to feel, for one who loved me.
As I look around to understand,
Why you were part of the plan.

You're now departed up to the sky,
and here I sit as time passes by.
Someday I'll see your face once more,
And secrets held, will be held before.

A promise I'll make before I go.
Just something I wanted you to know.
You ever said you wanted to meet my man.
Ever one who tried for my hand.

I promise I shall be wise as you begged me to be,
And not let the feeling make me not see.
I'll listen to those who love me so dear,
And strive to avoid that which you feared.

I never thought this day would come...
But now that it has, I shall not run.
You've shaped my life in little ways,
And this I shall remember, 'till the end of my days.

Good Bye Jimmy.

Much Love,
Your Hat-Girl

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