Monday, November 19, 2012

Through Persecution

I am really not sure what to name this song, the titles that I have come up with seem... not right I will put "Through Persecution" on it for now but if you have a suggestion please comment. I will pick the one I like best.

What can man, 
Do to me?
That can separate me
 From his love. (repeat) 
Throw me in the fire? 
Cast me in the sea?
Feed me to lions? 
Strip me naki? 

I tell you the truth,
Even through great pain,
It shall be fore me, 
The greatest of gains. 
Cast me on the streets? 
Kill all of my friends? 
Sever my head? 
Chastise me again? 

I don't care where, 
Doesn't matter when,
God has promised me, 
In the end he wins. 
I've nothing to fear, 
I've nothing to dread, 
He's here with me, 
Whether alive or dead. 

Satan's behind it all. 
He hated the Son. 
So why am I surprised?
When it's all said and done. 

And that is my song of thanksgiving for this year, I hope you like it. 

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