Monday, October 29, 2012

The Sillyions strike again!

Shhh, please don't tell V. But we have snuck here to sing you one of our favorite songs. 

Yeah, it's called Going to the Moon in a Faulty Rocket

It is to the tune of Bouncing up and down in a little red Wagon 

Verse 1:
Going to the Moon in a faulty rocket (repeat X3) 
Hope we make it there 
Chicka, Chicka, boom, 
chika, boom, 
chika, boom,boom 
Chicka, Chicka, boom, 
chika, boom, 
chika, boom,boom 
Chicka, Chicka, boom, 
chika, boom, 
chika, boom,boom 
Hope we make it there!
Oh no, there goes thrusters (Repeat X3) 
Hope we make it there
Oh no out of fuel (Repeat X3) 
Hope we can find more 
Uh, oh there go the engines, (Repeat X3) 
Quick go get 'em fixed!
OOpsy-day we are falling! (RX3) 
We ain't makin' it there!
Oh shoot! Door won't open!(RX3) 
PLEASE let us escape!



At least we fell in the water.

May I ask what you girls are doing on my blog?

We are posting the song we wrote. 

Did I give you permission?

No, But we doubted you would mind.

What am I going to do with you?

Love us, and hug us, and kiss us, for if we ever did leave you, you surly would miss us. 

(Shake head) Girls.... (Trying not to smile) you.. you... (Sigh)

You will let us publish it, won't you? Please don't be mad.

You need to learn to ask before you just do but yes I will let you publish it, I was considering doing it in the future. 

Now the Captain is looking for you, I suggest you scoot. 

(Both girls salute in they way they had been trained and hurry off.) 

Now that they are gone I shall tell you the story behind it. You see Kendra and I both have a moon obsession, so one day when I was out walking I over-heard her singing the first verse. I liked it so I stole it and fixed the song..errr lengthened. oh well I had fun. And that is how it got started.  

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