Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Character Encounter: Teresa, Theo

Sidewalking, There is no job quite like it. Some of the volunteers consider it boring since all you do is lay and arm over the riders leg and walk beside the horse. True it can be dull, But to me it is thrilling. Why? Because, well how can I put it. Information. I love to learn. The blessings of knowing that without what I am doing the class can't happen. Seeing the smile on the student's faces as they accomplish the two-point, winged victory, and so much more.

I help dismount the rider, dress the stirrups, then after the horse is out of the arena I untack him and put the tack away.

Rounding the corner I come across one of the instructors giving a tour... And I know the people. I feel my cheeks turning hot as the young man smiles at me. His sister catches sight and begins laughing behind her hand.

"Well Hello Theo." I stutter.

He makes a low bow scooping up my hand and lays a soft kiss on the back. "Hello m'lady. How are you?"

"Fine, what a..." I couldn't think for a moment. "Theo, I had no idea you were in town."

"Figured I'd surprise you."

I prayed inwardly that I would not be asked later if he was my boyfriend. For in fact he wasn't just a.... friend.

"So what brings you to these parts." I stuttered.


"Theo!" A brown haired girl about my age exclaimed.

"I had better get back to work." I stuttered. "Good seeing you."

With that I made a hasty retreat back into the tack room to find something not out there to do. I made myself look busy situating bridles so they lay correctly then went to find a groom box. I sighed. The horses that were needed for the next lessons were already being groomed.. Looking both ways before exiting I slipped around to the back of the barn to get busy on water. That always needed done.

"Well, We just keep running into each other."

I was not looking forward to lunch time. I stood just staring at Theo who I had practically run over... again! "I am... busy." I stuttered. so not looking forward to lunch. Good thing for the no teasing while on property rule. But that did not stop the questions.

"I can see that." He laughed.

"Theo," I whispered glancing over my shoulder. "you lived four thousand years ago, What are you doing here."

He frowned. "VK. "


Teresa started laughing. "VK, You are far too superstitious."

I sighed. "So what do you think."

"I can see why you prefer being here rather than writing our book."

"Udiah's book" I stated. "And I am only translating."

They laughed. I sighed. "I really do have to get back to work."

With that I made myself a hasty exit. I don't like my imagination to interfere with my work, ever.

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  1. What a fun CE, V! I enjoyed reading it.

    And I tagged you here:

  2. Characters and work can often be a disastrous mix. Your two sound like fun! I hope to meet them someday.


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