Friday, September 6, 2013


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 Right foot. I have to put My right foot first, then left hand on the green square... then... OH, Hello! I did not see you there. Please excuse my manners. My name is Udiah, and I am afraid I can't give you my last name, for into your language it is untranslatable.
Anyways, I am a Helicra and I am from Queo... But I am giving you too much information.

What should I talk about... VK says my story but then I don't know if I want to. I would quite like to forget it. You see I was kidnapped and held prisoner, I and many others for some time so I just don't like to think about it.

My land. Who we are. Those are good topics. Well Queo is the sixth planet from the sun. It is slightly larger than your earth and is lush in both plants and animals. Unlike your earth, it never rains. We still have our ice layer around our planet so the air is thicker and richer.

The Helicra are a tribe of people from the north. We are known for our pale skin, hair, and eyes. We are highly traditional, Nobody changes the status quo. And what our fathers did, we do. We still drink, eat, sleep, plant, reap, everything the same way our fathers and mothers did hundreds of years ago.

Yezheal made four tribes. I won't go into the other three but to each tribe he gave a duty. The Helicra was animals, and sickness.

My father is a scientest, he, and many others are working on a project called, 'The Kibble Project' And don't ask. All I know is that they 'are trying to find a way to make kibbles less tasty to puppies.' And they are being super secretive with it. My father RUNS the project and still all I know.

Well that is about sums it up. I have work to get on with. I am about a year behind so I have to go. VK says hello and will return soon... maybe. ;D

Beneath the trees, 
Far from the sky, 
Near the ground, 
Here I lie. 

Hear the song, 
Hear it ring, 
The birds in their chorus, 
While critters do swing. 

Close your eyes,
Listen to it, 
Do you hear it tearing? 
The curtain has ripped. 

Away I do stir,
Far from this place. 
Running and racing,
Them keeping pace. 

Oh! to the river
The forest ablaze!
Into it's depths. 
Away from the haze. 

Up from the currents, 
The fire is done. 
Up to the surface, 
Homeward I run. 

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  1. You're back! Hello, Udiah. I think I'm going to like your character.
    Loved this post! :)


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