Sunday, February 2, 2014

Intro to Strong Woman? Or female Bully?

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In working with my women characters I have realized I need to, for myself define 'What is a strong woman?'

What brought this on was Star Trek's Captain Kathryn Janeway. I am a die hard Trekkie and have watched almost ever single S.T. TV episode. While watching Voyager I was amazed by the character. Star Trek's goal was to make a political statement of 'women can lead too.' After watching the series I was still left with the nagging question of 'what is a strong woman?' and more importantly 'was she a strong WOMAN, or a strong willed person that just happened to be physically a girl. (I will delve into Janeway in a future case)

After watching the series I started pestering my mother on the 'strong woman' issue. I have just finished Door Post's  Polished Cornerstone A Proverbs 31 women curriculum for young girls. The Curriculum delves deep into all the aspects of woman hood, leadership, home making,  honesty, kindness, memorization, Joyfulness, and so forth. So I know what is expected of a woman but I wish to strengthen my skills in developing and spotting Strong Women.

Throughout history leadership has been a 'man's job' with but a few exceptions like Cleopatra, Queen Elizabith, Queen Victoria, Jezebel Ahab's wife, Abigail one of King David's many wives, Esther, Ruth, and others. But there were exceptions. What made the exceptions 'strong'?

For the next bit I will be doing a study examining famous women in history, Women I know personally like my Mother, Grandmother, An adopted Aunt of mine that happens to be a supervisor at McDonald's, and if I can My former Boss at the Equestrian Center I used to work at, as well as two or three Pastor's wives I know. Fictional women like Cinderella's stepmother,Captain Janeway,  Diana Troi from Star Trek, Maid Marian from Robin Hood, Wendy from Peter Pan, and others, and figuring out what is the definition of a strong woman, and who is a strong woman, and who is, in my oppion a bully. (this blog will have the interviews and fictional women, Making Me a servant will have the Historical Women)

Currently my hypothesis is A strong woman is a Woman that Men do not feel threatened by. They respectfully not only acknowledge the fact that the woman is skilled but yield to them the tasks that the woman is better than them in. A Strong woman does not flaunt her skill or attorney at the men or insist upon it. nor snatch it away from them she simply is. If anything the Authority she has is thrust upon her by another. Whether it is in motherhood, queen-ship like Elizabeth and Victoria, or in being a mayor like Sarah Palin, or a Captain like Janeway.

If anybody would like to join me in my mission I would enjoy the company I will probably be on this tangent for at least a year, maybe two or three There are a lot of women to cover and I doubt I can do more than two a week.

( I will set up a linkup as soon as I figure it out. Please just comment below if you do one.)

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