Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Quick HI

Hey guys, since it is a bit unlikely that I will be getting on in a couple of days I am popping in to say a quick hi.

 We will tomorrow be going to a church sewing for orphans thing. Then Sunday is of course church. I am playing my Violin in church now so I doubt I will be on due to the fact that I am a introvert and will be doing my best to hide in my room for the rest of the day.

Then over the following three days I will be going to American heritage Boot camp. Which will be interesting since one of the teachers is from London. (I will be writing a report for school and it will show up on my other blog.)

Then Thursday I have crops to plant and more people to see.

Then Friday will be calm to wind us up into a very hectic Saturday filled with second hand shopping. FUN.... Really, I cannot give you a ton of details on that but in town the right for life group does a yearly garage sale where there will be a fill a bag for ten dollars sale at the end, and since I am a semstriss I can take skirts that the elastic is shot in and make them useful for the littles or in some cases ME.

So I find this thing a WHOLE lot of FUN! There will also be some of my other favorite things; hats, old hats. And SHOES, though I doubt many will fit but still it is fun to go look at all the crazy shoes there are.

Can you tell I enjoy shopping?

Then it will be Sunday again and I will probibly hide once more and not come out of my shell till Tuesday. Sometimes I hate being a introvert.

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