Friday, March 1, 2013

Our Typical Trio

It is now the end of February... (Really?) Sigh and time for another snip-its  This month I wrote 5311 words on the Dazy story and 2265 words on my personal story and read 4 novella and 2 novels. (novel concept)  so I have been busy just not on my blog.  I also wrote four more songs. But I will wait to share the lyrics till I have them how I want them.

Well without anymore to do, my snip-its.

I opened my eyes, and screamed. Yes Brave ole’ me, who is willing to take on a snake screamed when she found herself in a small octagonal room surrounded by people all dressed more or less the same.  
The Rise of the Dazy: The legend of Queen Dazy

Nobody sees this girl next morning; nobody sees her slip to the barn hackamore in hand.
It is still so early that not even the birds are awake but still she is here. The small gray pony knickers to her as she approaches, "Hey girl!" she whispers as she rubs the black snip. She then quickly catches the pony and slips the hackamore onto her long warm face, then rains in hand she brushed the mare then slipped a pad and surcingle onto his back then hopped on herself. 
Galloping through the trees she let her joy escape with a hearty giggle. As soon as she is sure she is out of sight of  the houses she moves into a two point then stands upright her feet on the pad her arms outstretched.
"Compass!!!" One of her cousins yells startling her, she losses her balance and plummets towards the ground. 
Compass (my personal story) 

Finally a large man with a thick black beard stepped forward and introduced himself as Captain Hedrick. I frowned, Eline smiled, Rhon fainted; yep we were our typical trio.  
The Rise of the Dazy: The legend of Queen Dazy

I was made for a mission, 
I was made to play a Position , 
I was made to go where God wants me to go! 
"I was made", Song I wrote

For some time that next morning I just lay there in bed wondering where I was for I had forgotten. It was a very plain room; a bunk bed in one corner with a desk in another and a closet in another. It had white walls and wooden floors and all in all very plain. 
The Rise of the Dazy: The legend of Queen Dazy

And I think I will stop there, most of what I wrote isn't to good, (writers block will do that to you) Oh well there is still so much to do. I think I will show you what else I am working on... but not now. When I am finished probably. 

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