Friday, July 19, 2013

A Crusading THANK YOU

During the month of June I participated in the June crusade from Anne-girl's blog. I was teamed up with Jane and we have decided to do a thank you interview, (it was supposed to take place back at the end of June but I got distracted (sorry) Well here it is. And now Jane.

1: How did you first hear about the June Crusade?

Well, I was following Anne-girl's blog, so I heard about it when she posted it.

2: How long did it take you to decide to join?

Not long.  I considered it for about a day or so, decided that my book definitely needed critiquing, and joined.  

3: What is one thing you have learned from it?

How to take criticism better.  Definitely.  Sadly, I tend to be very sensitive about any criticism, so it was very use

4: Your opinion of your partner. 

Talented, dedicated writer, great friend, and awesome girl.

5: With one word express your opinion of it.  


6: How has your book been affected by your partner?

It has gotten a lot more accurate and interesting.

7: How has your partner affected your writing style?

My dialogue.  It has gotten somewhat better, I hope.  

8: Sum up your partner in one word.

Wonderful. :)

9: Has the June Crusade affected your life at all?  If so, how?

It has inspired me to keep working on writing and not to give up.

10: Why did you join the June Crusade?

Really because it looked interesting.  I needed to get into my writing again and it looked like a good way. 


You can find my post on her blog. And from both of us "THANK YOU ANNE- GIRL!!!!" 

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