Sunday, June 23, 2013


Silence, complete and total silence. Calm, peace, quiet, no not quiet, there is sound. Birds sing about me, voices too. They are unimportant.

Pain... my head hurts! So does my back!

Still voices. They are louder. Maybe I should open my eyes.

I am not in bed... where am I? This is not home. This is not church... Work... that is were I am.

Why am I here? I only come on Fridays.... It was Sunday... It can't be Friday... Why am I here?

"Nelly Don't move."

I stare up at the face above me trying to figure out what it all means after a few seconds of thought I remember the name. "Anna, What happened."

"You fell. Don't move your head it will only make things worse."


"Do you remember?"

I begin to shake my head but stop. The pain is too great.

"No don't move."

"I am not."

I look around. I know the people around me too but they are not important. Nothing is important.

Fear! How hurt am I? This pain is bad, I am forgetting things! No I did not just see that! My sister never comes here that was something else.

Answer the questions. Keep talking, look, search, find out, don't force information. Try to move legs... bad idea... that hurt. Answer question, state fact look around hear sounds... I stink.


Here I have given you a blip-it into what I felt, what I saw, what I heard after regaining... after I woke up after the fall ( I can't spell that other word.)  I have storyized it but this is essentially how I felt.

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  1. That would be such a scary feeling. I am very glad you weren't hurt worse.


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