Saturday, October 8, 2016

Hallway of Life

Lord, It's dark!
I can't see!
Are you there Lord?
Can you see me???

I am sitting in the hallway of life.

When did it all happen?
Why did it go wrong?
What are you saying?
Could you be gone?

You've tied my hands,
You've tied my feet,
The doors are locked,
Within this keep.

I can't get out!
I can't be free!
I can't run,
While you hold me...

I'm sitting in the hallway of life.

I've tried the knobs,
I've forced the latch,
Pushed the windows,
But none would crack.

You've tied my hands,
No longer I'm free,
I can't go farther,
While this holds me.

Where is your direction?
When the darkness looms?
How do I keep going?
When all goes up in fumes.

I'm sitting in the hallway of life...

I'm sitting in the hallway of life!

Loosen my hands,
So I can be,
The healing hands,
The world sees.

Loosen my feet
 that I may go,
And free the ones,
Held by the foe.

Help me stand,
When arrows fly,
And support my heart,
When I sit and cry.

The hall is dark,
It's length so long
But when the darkness comes,
You alone are my song.

1 comment:

  1. I love your poems Vannan! You are a very talented writer! I also love your faith in our Lord!! ❤️


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