Monday, December 24, 2012

Backstage Blip-its from The Story For Bobby

As most of you know the past three months I have been working on a Christmas program in my church.

We preformed last night and I am going to say it was interesting. Now I am going to post some backstage blip-its because I have always enjoyed them when others do it.

I wrote this play, and directed it. It was actually something else.


B: I think we should have We Three Kings

V: But I don't like We Three Kings, Even the name is wrong.

B: But V. It is a classic,

V: I don't care.

B: *gives puppy face*

V: Fine, but only if I can pick one song that you don't like.

B: Deal


I will have you know I had to reschedule this eight times before it actually happened.

- We want puppets,
-although I hadn't planed on puppets, children, music, narrators, and the whole work.
-I don't know how to even do a CD to do puppets.
-C. Will you please play the angel
-he was the angel.
-I was glad.
-he wasn't
-Innkeepers spoke spanish.
-that was funny

(Working with B) 

B:I don't like The Communion Hymn For Christmas

V: It sets the mood.

B: Yeah, but it isn't traditional.

V: *palm face* Your Objections have been noted and logged.

B: But V!!!!

The Communion Hymn For Christmas

(When I let out who was playing Mary) 

-But She is AUTISTIC!
-will she work
-V. she will never work
-Do you think she could handle it.

V: It is the honor of every girl to get her turn at being Mary. Beth is eleven and I don't care if she can't talk she walks funny or if there is any other problem she is having her turn. THIS year.

Isn't it great being the director.

(Random thought throughout) 

-I Am going to direct.
-Am I going to direct this?
-I CAN do this.
-No I can't
-where IS my cast?
-five minuets late
-where else
-uhhhh what am I doing
-oh my... what a mess...
-what do you mean there are still bees back stage... didn't anybody vaccume?
-Oh no I have Silent night in twice... Anybody know of a good Inn Song?
-Why don't I try Color Q ing and see if I can get this bunch of kids to behave.
-Uhhh... Toddler Jesus, you have to WALK to Mary You can't hang on to sisters leg.
-Whooo, we will just sing then.
-No not everybody can be an angel,
-bookmarks work.
-I love compermize.
-do any of you know how to be serous?
-And I quote, WHO said it had to be FUN?
-I want to play every song on my Violin...
-I can't play O Holy Night...
-I Can't play Joy to The World...
-I can't play with the Piano
-SCHOLAR NO scripts ON STAGE! and that is FINAL
-B. You have to just do it...
-what do you mean you have never picked up a child before?
-Hey Kids who wants to pretend they are an angel.
*B nods after picking up and placing on stage every child eight times*
-Yeah Stickers are wonderful.
-Kendra... you need to listen to what is going on around you and not just GO through the play quite so FAST.
-Where are the costumes?
-what do you mean nobody knows where they are at.
- Come on Kat, let's go find some costumes.
-WHAT! Joseph is out of town for the WEEK! The play is TOMORROW!
*shakes head*
(Mat's mom, You are now Joseph.)
-I love my Aunt.
- B! you can't back out of playing the piano!
-Miss M. Could you do it ?
- I think I should just solo on Silent Night.


-I cannot do this.
-Where IS everybody.
-Where are my sheep.
-Uh oh, I put the wrong last name on one of the players.
-oh my C is having fits over having to wear a sparkly dress...
-I don't blame him
-Ummm do we have any sheep costumes?
-and do we have any in size SMALL?
-Oh my goodness *PANIC ATTACK* look at all those people.
-I have to introduse this thing.
-Be still my heart.
-oh no... oh no I AM GOING TO FAINT.
-Quick somebody come pray!
-PLEASE KNEES don't give OUT.
- where is Mary?
-Go find her,
-uh Mary?
 -Um Angel... angels
-and with a mighty noise the angel appeared to her saying... um two angels.. I mean three.
-wasn't it supposed to be just Gabriel?
-Joseph where are you going?
-Now go that way that way then that way.... no not this way.
-It isn't TIME to go back on stage.
-calm down V.
-where is the manger?
-Where did you put the Suit case?
-Now the angel is supposed to come on...
-where are the shepherds and sheep?
-Now angel you may say your lines.
-Now let's sing...
-Angles you may go...
-deep breath
-ok Another song
- Play Silent Night.
-uh oh. I am LOST
-when lost, completed it
-deep breath.
-Jesus.... where are you.
- Mary  you are done with the baby. we can't have Two Jesuses at once.
-FRANKENSTEIN? Did I just hear that the wise men brought him FRANKENSTEIN?
- Scholar, What are you doing with your script?
-Mary Time to leave.
-oh dear....
-deep breath
-what is up with that BIRD?
-Mr. Jay? I don't remember a bird?
-must be his penguin in the purse stunt. (I will explain that phrase later)
-Who forgot to tell me?
-sigh it is OVER
-I am DONE
-I can't wait to do it again....
- V!!!!
-Good the audience liked it.
-I am going to hide in my room and stay there for the next YEAR.
-Somebody remind me next time that I am a introvert.
-despite my ambitious attitude.
-I cannot wait to do this again... next year.


(will publish script later)

(will also get a picture later, I cannot find mom's camera)

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