Saturday, December 8, 2012

What is up.

(Honestly the ceiling but that is beside the point.)

Sorry I haven't been posting much. Rose has been "helping" me with Christmas presents. *I sigh then give her "the look" she gives me that impish grin*

Also I have been (with Kendra) working on Behind the rainbow. I keep running into the problem of my readers haven't a clue what I'm talking about and Behind the Rainbow is kind of where I was introduced to this culture so I have decide to begin with it.

The world is called Ooladada which I am told means "land of knowledge" beyond that I am not allowed to say.

Kendj and I had this adventure some 5 years ago. And ever since whenever I can I head back to Ooladada.

I will over the next year be posting pictures and be introducing you to the different people in Ooladada. (don't worry there aren't that many.) as well as places. (But not that many.)

today will be my favorite, the four tree.

This tree is not that far from the... portal? I guess I could use that word, to Ooladada. 

Here is where you will find me if you cannot find me anywhere else. It is like the best place to read, write, think, cry.... the list goes on on what I do here. it is my favorite place to be in the whole wide world. 

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  1. That tree is so very cool! I've never seen one like that. What a lovely place to spend an afternoon! I am looking forward to learning more of your book's country!


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