Friday, February 8, 2013

A Valentine challenge.

Just As I Am One of the blogs I just ran across is doing a ... challenge. I think that is the word I am looking for. 

I will have you know that I am not a big Romantic, (despite what Kenj will tell you) I think kisses are yuck, guys are wimps,  flowers belong outside, and I don't have room for stuffies. I know other people enjoy it, it isn't for me. But I will go ahead and do the challenge simply because it sounds like fun.

1. White chocolate or milk/dark chocolate? 

Well for me if it is in my possession it is gone. But if you love me you will make sure it doesn't have milk 

2. Tea or Coffee? 

Personally both. Add a bit of stevia (a sweetener) and I am good to go. I will have them both cold or hot. 

3. Movie or book on a night-in? 

Hummm... I am more of a listener that a reader but recently I don't care. We only just got a new TV (the other did not like to behave) 

4. Rom-com or a tear-jerker?  

I don't get jokes, kisses grouses me out and I don't like crying. Personally I like SCI-FI but that isn't a option. 

5. Who is the first literary couple to come to your mind? 

Humm.... Shasta/Cor and Aravis. (from the Horse and his boy

6. Who is the first *movie* couple that comes to your mind? 

MOVIE!!! Okay let me see, I don't watch movies that often. Flynn Rider and Rapunzel. 

7. Roses or chocolate?

A big bouquet of pens with a chocolate kiss. Okay I am weird but with my pollen allergies and mold allergies it just ain't safe to do real flowers. 

8. Fancy dinner in a 4-star restaurant or a simple picnic? 

Fancy dinner! I rarely go out to eat but sure do LOVE it. But I would insist that one of my siblings come too. I wouldn't trust myself out with a guy. At least not unsupervised I don't take hints very well. I would need someone to let me know when he was joking or being serous. 

9. Dream wedding scenario: outdoor family affair, or a formal church wedding & reception at a 5-star hotel?

Haven't thought of it. Probably outdoor family affair. 

10. What was the last love song you listened to? 

Forever and Ever Amen. A country song I have listened to since I was six. 

11. Favorite real-life/celebrity couple? 

Favorite real-life? My grandparents? I think it is just a bunch of mushy stuff. 

12. One piece of advice about love: 

Love is a verb, not a noun. (read first Corinthians 13) and don't jump in till you are ready for a commitment. 

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  1. Chocolate is always good. And fancy dinners. And Tangled counts as a good romantic movie, because it is fun and...yeah. Very good. *smirk*


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