Friday, February 8, 2013

Character Encounter: Rhon

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Kat (my BFF) and I are hiding. And from what you ask, from the fact that this is my sweet sixteen and mom has decided to let the kids do a Easter egg hunt. IT'S JULY! 

We can see the kids in the garden looking among the neat rows of beans for the eggs while the two of us giggle away down by the four-tree. We see one of Kat's sibs fall so she runs to go cheer them up. 

I sit back looking up into the branches above my head for several seconds. 

"Happy birthday Princess V!" I hear I sit up to see the smiling face of Dazy tailed by a slightly younger Red headed girl who I know to be her little sister. 

"hey Dazy, Hey Rhon, So glad you could make it!" 

Rhon looks a bit frightens of all the other people running about and takes her sister's hand tight in both of hers. 

Dazy smiles and encouragingly pushes her towards the fun. But alas she does not go. "Rhon is a bit shy." she tells me. 

I nod remembering that day I met her, she had disappeared into a pile of stuffed toys to escape the introduction. "You can't blame her for being shy." I say. "You guys kind of grew up in the middle of nowhere." 

Dazy nods, "Yep and meeting new people never happened." 

"Well, Let's find her a bag and get her in on the hunt then it will be time for cake." 

I lead the two over to where we have stashed the bags and watch as Dazy works with Rhon. Though she is but three years younger in this crowd Rhon seems much younger. 

Finally though Rhon starts to enjoy herself. My cousin Grub1 even helps her reach a high up egg that we stashed in a tree. 

Kat, Dazy, and Kendra finally joins me and we count up the eggs to make sure we have them all. 

(no mom this is not a hint of what I want to do for my Bday this year, personally I haven't a clue) 

Anybody want to suggest a theme for my sweet sixteen? 

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