Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Snake did not!

And January is finished, (yes mom I just started a paragraph with a And) January is DONE! And Now I can tell you what I have accomplished  *crickets* OK not much but I do have a little bit to put down.

Udiah wasn't sure how long she had been lying there when she awoke. Somehow during the capture they must have knocked her and Zelphie both out. Where ever they were it was entirely to dark for her to see anything.

 She stared from one man to the other the color completely draining from her face. “I had better deliver the duck before it regains contousness and we have something fowl loose in the house.” With that she fled the room, both men roaring with laughter behind her. As she fled she could hear her father saying “Always was a shy one.”

Song looked out over the mountains, her hair whipping about her like waves on a restless sea, though she was nothing but restless. She stood their hands relaxed at her sides her eyes closed, she was content; Content with her parent’s choice of ruler, content with their choice of home.
-I Will Sing-

I took a deep breath then ever so slowly slipped the wire ring around the snake’s neck… Well I probably should skip the messy details because I know little girls will read this and I do not want to scare them. I will let you know I lived, the cat lived, Rhon lived, and the snake did not, it however was bagged up into the snake bag and hung safely outside on a hook to await the woodcutter to help deal with it from there.
-Dazy's story (still needs a title)-  

I also have been working on a personal story but it is just that, personal. 


  1. Lovely, V, though you didn't have to mention your personal story.

    Hee, hee. I'm probably the only other person who will ever read that.

  2. ~o.o Dazy`s story sounds interesting!(The others sound interesting too, but I like the description for Dazy lots!) ^^


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