Sunday, January 20, 2013

Up date.

Sorry I haven't been posting much. Between trying to do ninth grade and keeping up with Dazy I have had my hands full. I am just letting you know I did not fall off the face of the earth (though it's been tempting a time or two.)

As you read last week Dazy was visiting Earth, so I took the time to host her at my house so we could chat. I am currently working on translating her story into English so you guys can read it. *sigh* I kind of wish I could do this in Ooladada where I simply understand what I am reading. here I have to learn it to know it.

I am currently working on chapter two of her book and I am only just finished translating her sixth birthday! I wonder just how long this will be, she does not even know. She is still working on it. (I do not think she ever quits writing.) *looks about cautiously*(I think she is worse than Kendra in time department of writing.)

We are currently trying to decide on a title, Dazy has suggested that I ask you guys for your input. I have three ideas. Please vote using the side bar.

In the Days of Dazy

The Rise of the Dazy

From Seed to Queen

I have to go. My Pen-pal wrote me this week and I need to write back before the day is over. (my Pen-pal is not one of my characters she is real) So  Em Yazheal Keen la, ipal pa zhen teek. (May God Keep you, till we meet again)

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  1. It is hard writing another person's story, but at least she is there to help you out. And is actually helping. Hopefully you can get it all down before she has to leave earth.

    I like the From Seed to Queen one.


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