Monday, January 7, 2013


Hey guess what today is! It is my HALF BIRTHDAY!!! Today I am 1/2 what ever age I am and what am I doing? It is my first day of ninth grade!!!

My family has done half birthdays for years ever since Kenj and I came up with the idea of the Elvings for originally their years were half what ours is. So today I am going to tell you about one of my FAVORITE characters. Jack Russel Bell. His people, the Ooklicks, also celebrate Half Birthdays so here we go.

Jack, A creative boy that you don't let near ANYTHING that could possibly be considers arms. Like most Ooklicks he is named after the mammal that he looks and acts the most like. 

Jack is one of the 4 Ooklicks in Mikada and is training to be second in command of The Eagle's engineering. As he puts it he does not invent he just improves what the Mixers have overlooked. 

He is ever willing to explain how anything and everything works, just don't get him started you will be VERY lost by the time he is finished.

Rayelm opened his eyes he was standing in an octagonal chamber on a circular layer of glass like stuff in the back of the chamber there were seven other glass plates just like it. In the front there were three steps then a control panel standing be hind it was a light brown haired brown eyed tall boy that looked not much younger than the boys themselves. He had a yellow uniform and a Palm leaf belt buckle.
“I… I …I must be dreaming” Rayelm gasped.
 “Sorry to disappoint you but, it’s real, it is called a transporter.” The transporter boy laughed,
First time you meat Jack in Elvings Away V1 

The boys walked over to Jack “Thank you, we would never of thunk it.” Rayelm said with a grin.
“Well” said Jack “It was originally just suppose to be a card; but after I dropped you off with Emma that first day. I went by the Musketeer Club house to get something which is not all that far from Scarfkatet clubhouse… actually there is a tunnel connecting the two… But any ways I over heard you Ma talking to Wendy about how special this particular Birthday is. My Parents died of a Plague that was going around two days after I turned five and got my Belt of adult hood. I remember how happy I was when Tom’s family took me in.” 

Back story from Elvings Away V1 

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  1. I like your character. He sounds like one that one cannot help but love.


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