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Lines from last year.

This will be my best or favorite work from each month. Most of these people you do not know. Warning before last year I had never written anything over a hundred words long. so some of it is rather choppy.

Elvings away version one

“Alright Jack, Bye till later. Will we see you in the gym?” Rayoak asked.
“NO.” Tom said “Jack is not aloud anywhere near sharp objects.”
“Because, he either breaks the sharp object or himself. He is the only person I have ever met, that can, with out fail, take the hilt off the blade of a sword.” Peter said coming up behind them.

Elvings Away! V 1

“If you want to come into the library you brave knights then you have to solve our riddle.” Elsie said with her hands on her hips. Elise nodded.
“Oh, alright,” Rayelm said crossing his arms.
“Would you like to buy some furniture?” Elise piped up before Elsie could stop her.
“Elise, first of all, that is not the question we were going to ask, second THAT is not a riddle.”
“It isn’t… Then which riddle were we going to do?”
“What have I got in my pockets?” Elsie stated profoundly.
Elise looked at her twin for a few seconds confused “But we do not have any pockets?” she said bewildered.
“Let me think of a new riddle since you ruined the first… oh I know. Twenty white horses upon a red hill first the stomp, then chomp, then they stand still.” 

The Easter Story: (Easter play) 

Felipe: Why did they want to hurt Jesus for telling that story? 
Caleb: The same reason people today do not want to hear it, it hurts. 
Micah: Why does it hurt? It is just a story.  
Vannah: Because it convicts them of their sin and they do not like that. 

Elvings Away V 1

“Daddy!” Elsie and Elise exclaimed, forgetting protocol and running up to clutch their father.
“Hey Daddy,” Elise continued “Daniel had been hanging out with a GIRL!”
“You mean his sister?”
NO Daddy, a red head.”
Elm glanced over at Rose who was overly pretending NOT to hear this conversation.
“I see.” King Theodoric said. “Daniel, may I inquire to the name of this girl you have been hanging out with?”
Daniel glanced at Rose, “Uhhh… um…”
“Her name is Rose Blossom Eaglewing.” Elise said.
“ELISE!” Daniel said.
Rose’s cheeks turned bright red.
King Theodoric glanced around the room his eyes falling on Rose. He looked back at Daniel. “Is that the girl you have been hanging out with?”
“I have not been hanging out with her we just have been chatting off and on that is all.” Daniel said trying to save face.
Titters went around the room.  
“Honey,” Queen Leigh said laying her hand on his shoulder. “Stop giving them a hard time in public you know he will deny everything out here.”
The king nodded. “You are right again Leigh,”
“Don’t worry about it Dad, everybody knows that he likes her.” Elise said
“Yeah,” said Elsie, “He did not dance with anybody else at the New Year Ball.”
Just then Apple appeared as if out of no where standing on her tiptoes in front of Elsie. “How Dare You Tease MY SISTER!” she spat.
“I wasn't teasing your sister,” Elsie said coolly, “I was teasing my brother.”
“And in the process, you’re teasing MY sister.”
“An unavoidable casualty of war.” Elsie said nonchalantly.
By this time the majority of the Kateers were no longer tittering, they were laughing.
Peter shook his head trying himself not the join in the mirth, “So much for protocol.” 

Elvings Away V1 

“ROSE,” Ma called. “We are leaving, are you coming or not?”
“Coming Ma,” Rose called, she smiled up at him. “Goodbye Daniel, I will see you later.”
Daniel bowed and kissed Rose’s hand.
Rose quickly covered her face to hide her blush. Then she walked quickly back to her family Turning she waved her hanky before the Transporter beam took them back to the ship.  

With that I finished the book and threw into the virtual drawer and only JUST looked at it again. If you want to read it in it's entirety and tell me what is salvageable for Version 2 Send me an Email (look in FAQ) 

Earthward bound 

Elm could feel a small fist hitting him in the face.
“Ayem! FFF BIRE!” she said exasperated. She shrugged then when over to Rayoak’s bed on the other side of the room. “R-R-R-Ayoak!” she hollered in his ear.
Oak was instantly awake. There had only been one other time Kathie had ever come in there room at this time in the morning, and that had been only a few months ago when Kathie had run away from her nurse to show them that she had finally learned how to fly.” 

Earthward Bound

Kathie glanced around the room. She smiled as she saw the big brown chest with pink and blue flowers on it that held her, and her twin’s stuff. She jumped of the pile of hay spinning in the air and landing firmly on her feet facing the chest then skipped over to it and dialed the code on the lock of the chest that she supposedly did not know then lifted the lid and pulled out a change of clothes, her towel, a wash rag, and her swim suit. She pulled off her night gown and threw it in the trunk. Then, folding her wings with the removed objects she then pulled on her swimsuit grabbed her sandals and slipped quietly out the back entrance. She glanced around to make sure she would not be caught then after closing and locking back the trunk, slipped to the small pool next to the river. After setting her stuff on a near by rock she went to a tallish brown and green plant with large white and blue flowers and brown seedpods growing in the edge of the pool. Taking one of the seedpods from a stalk she went over to a rock and squatting down she commenced to bang it with another rock to try to break it open.
“Lady Kathwren,” Elm said coming up behind her.
Kathie, startled lost her balance and fell into the water.
Elm, dropping his bundle, reached in and pulled her out. “Kathie, don’t you think you should ask before you go swimming?”
Kathie just stared at him, “You was not supposed to know!” she said rather distraught  “I wanted to do it all by my self.” 

A Story for Bobby. (the Christmas play) 

Auntie: You need to be thankful for what you do have and not constantly wanting more! This is the story of the real meaning of Christmas, About Jesus. 


My Dearest Cousin Emma,
I hope this letter finds you and Roger in good health and fine spirits, and if not I hope this letter shalt put you both in such a state of mind.
I am settling nicely into my job here at the Draicy Hospital here on Shaima. My stuff is finally organized into the cabin I have been given and my office at the hospital is fully put together and organized.
 I am also happy to announce that I finally feeling at home among the Shatians. It will be a while before I understand them; they are so quiet when it comes to their culture. I have yet to meet one who is willing to discuss their family, friends, home or anything else private. For them it is strictly business. “Sigh” Sometimes it is hard being one of the first to work with a new culture.
Here we have had a trade agreement for eighty-three years, and yet I am the first Person to be aloud to live on planet. This is both scary as well as exiting.
I know what you are going to say, (and Please don’t say it.) I did know what I was getting into but I did not think it would be this hard to get them to talk.
On a brighter note; remember when we were children we used to wonder if there were any Pure Helicras left in the universe. Wondered what it would be like to meet on face to face. Wonder how they thought and felt. Well if I am not mistaken I have had the opportunity to do just that.
 I went down to the Governors office yesterday to ask a few questions and when I got there I felt as though… Oh, you know the feeling we get when we can since someone sensing us. I spun about and there, sitting on a bench just outside the office door was the palest girl I have ever seen! As you know the Shatians are a very dark people. I was quite taken aback at the sight of a girl so pale among a row of people so dark.
Well to make a long story short, she was there to get a job so I hired her. She is now my jump-and-fetch-it and doing a marvelous job.
She really isn’t talking much (As if that should surprise me since no one else is either) I know she lives with a elderly woman that she calls Nonny (which I have come to find out means Grandmother) and she is around seven. Nobody is quite sure how old she is for she was dropped off at the Orphanage when she was but a baby. And Nonny adopted her and her brother five years later. Her name is Ashlene and other than that I can’t get any information out of her. She is a defiantly well known among the natives (Although with her complexion, that’s not hard.)
  I shall keep you informed.

Your Cousin

Dr. Edger 


The next day dawned bright and fair. Nonny always had to be at work long before Ashlene and her brother, Evander woke up and it was their tradition that after they had had breakfast but before they both had to go to work, to go out to the fields just outside the smelly city and play in the lush green meadows.
This is where they were at this point. Neither child wore shoes as the frisked about in the warm sun among the colorful flowers.
They finally, after much frolic, they clasped in a heap on the soft grass. It was if they belonged here, out among the flowers, trees, grass, and animals of the between land.
No Shatian would dream of going in the between land.

Led by the DOVE 

Then with a squeal of delight the girls discovered their prize, The hound had had puppies, and they played before their eyes.
Nelly was as surprised as Kath, for the pups were quite old. Her parents must have known but she hadn’t been told.
They played with the dogs for a long time till Aleashta did announce, I have talked to your parents, and you may take one home if you want.
Girls squealed with excitement.  It had been such a marvelous day! They had had quite an adventure and it was grand to end this day.
So with a flute on her back and a dog in her arms Kath walked to the shuttle.
“May I ask” Said her friend, “What is the name of this friend?”
Kath thought for a moment then with a grin so wide. “Treasure, for that’s what he is. Now what is your friend’s name?”
“Black Beard,” Said she with a giggle that hauled Kath in her tracks.
Nelly shook her head in wonderment and promised to send her the tale. Then Kath climbed in the shuttle to go to her home once again. 


Bump…. Bump…Thump ….
Udiah sat up some time later; her head felt like a pack of monkeys was jumping up and down inside her skull.
“Are you alright Udiah?”
Udiah placed a hand over her eyes, trying to focus on Zelphie. At least they had some light, which was an improvement. The headache was not.
Udiah Closed here eyes to call upon the Helicra gift of healing but before she could initiate it, a bunch of solders marched in.
The children were rudely hoisted to their feet and marched out. Now in the daylight Udiah could see the cuts and bruises that adorned every one of them. She was surprised herself to see them on her own body. How’d she miss feeling that?
She was still trying to puzzle it out when they were lined up and a huge man appeared and started walking up and down the line studying each child’s face in turn. When he came to her, she couldn’t help thinking of him as a bear, a big grizzly bear. 

And so ended my year, Kendra helped me throughout the year and I blame anything good on her. ;D
I have gained in both spelling, and grammar skills this year and I hope that this year I can write something that actually makes sense. and isn't boggy. 

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