Sunday, January 6, 2013


1. When did you start writing?

Seriously, 2011 Nanowrimo, Before that if I got two hundred words it was a miracle

2. Do you have a soft spot for a particular character (come on, be honest!)?

Actually I do, Kathwren, (The little girl banging Elm in the face.) 

4. How often do you have to "rush off" to write down an idea before it evaporates?

Often enough that I have a notebook nearby at all times.

5. Do you plot/outline your book or wing it?

Wing it. I have a vague idea of how it goes... usually.

6. Are you a sucker for happy endings or do you leave your readers in misery?

Depends on the book. I am a very tragic writer, I am very lacking in the humor department.

7. How protective are you of your novel?

I only talk really about it to Kendra and here otherwise you will never hear about it till... well I don't know. Probibly till it comes out I haven't published one yet though so... *shrug*

8. Plans for publishing eventually? Self-publish or traditional?


9. Are you guilty of using the old cliche plot element? How are you trying to make it fresh?

Of course, I am guilty of doing it, we all are. But I do try to make up new and fresh things.

10. Tell a little about a character you are currently fleshing out.

One??? only ONE??? well which one. The one named one. or the one named A? (yes, I have a very weird way of naming my characters.)

I will tell you about DaRee, (she is the main Character in Cloaked)  Her name means united in reality. She is half Veltra (flyer) and half Chai' (think human) and she is the ONLY one like that. Neither side accepts her, Neither wants her. The Veltra because she was born without wings and with a voice. the Chai' because she, with the help of the specially made cloak can fly, and she has some of the strange Veltra habits. There was one other (this she does not know) who is both but he had only lived a short while because the genes did not mix well. And so the children are kept apart from one another.

DaRee is also the first Veltra mix to be accepted into the Academy and she isn't to happy about it either because that means going about strangers.

and I better stop before I tell you the book. I am currently stuck on a  "sport" of theirs.

11. Which is the better chocolate? White, milk, or 75% dark?

Is there a best chocolate out there? somebody forgot to tell me. If it is in my possession it is GONE. 

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