Friday, June 14, 2013

A Fortnight in a Lighthouse Interview

Here it is Friday again (really!) and another June crusade interview with Miss Jane Bennett who blogs here. Today we will discuss the book that I am critiqueing for her.... I wrote down the first five questions she did the next five then answered all ten. (The questions I answered will be posted on her blog.) 

The name of the book is A Fortnight in a Lighthouse and without anymore adieu here are the questions. 

1: Give a brief synopsis.
Two girls go to stay with their aunt and cousins in a lighthouse and come to Christ.
2. What is the lesson you are trying to teach?
Pretty much it's just the basic Christian theme and message about our Savior.  I think it's also a lot about the importance of family sticking together through difficulties and supporting each other.
3. What inspired this story?
I was reading The Saturdays by Elizabeth Enright.  At the end of that book, her characters go to stay in a lighthouse for the summer.  I thought that would be fun and was inspired to write a book about that.  I started with two girls going to stay in a lighthouse on vacation and sort of adapted the plot from there.
4. How does your mood affect your book?
When I am sad and gloomy, I tend to write dark, adventurous scenes.  When I am angry, I write dark, creepy scenes.  When I am happy or hopeful, the mood of the story brightens and the characters usually manage to extricate themselves from trouble.  ;)

5. Do you like to eat, drink or have anything playing (Mozart, and such) while writing?
No, not usually.  I don't like distractions while I write.

6. Do you like writing in a notebook or on a computer better?
On a computer, usually.  When I have a fancy notebook, though...;)

7. Was it the characters or the plot that first inspired your book?
The plot.  As I said before, I wanted to write a story about kids staying in a lighthouse, and I just went from there.

8. What type of scene do you enjoy writing the most?  i.e. sad scenes, celebration scenes, etc.
I like writing dark, creepy, sad scenes the best.  Funerals, deaths, creepy dark forests....

9. What is the biggest way this book has affected your life?
It's the first book I've written that has actually showed promise of getting near the length I want it to be.  It's really boosted my self-confidence and my enthusiasm for writing.

10. Are any of your characters based on a real person or a character from a different book?
Susannah and Melody both share some aspects of my character.  My sister is definitely a Kate, and I based Rosamond on several book characters and lots of old school friends.


  1. I like the book idea a lot. (Part of it might just be my love for lighthouses.) It sounds like a lot of fun to write, and getting it close to the length you want is always nice.

    1. I enjoy it too. :)
      I've visited a lot of lighthouses (we have a cabin near several), and I've always wondered what it would be like to be a lighthouse keeper. Well, now I know. ;)


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