Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tape, Books, and more lables

I sigh as I look about at the mountain of books that dominate our kitchen table. I declare after three weeks of those three words I HATE paperbacks, hardback or any other type of book you can hold in your hand I am quite exhausted, And have vowed never to ever work in a library.

First we take all the books off the shelf and Mom looks up the call number and writes in the flyleaf.

Then Kendra takes the book and writes down all the information into the database adding a little slip of paper with the call number into the book.

Finally I get the book put the labels on it. (Every tenth or so I get the privilege of a new paper cut.) If there is any loose pages I tape then back on. Then Finally when that is all done I get to shelf it. This wasn't so bad when there was only three hundred but now we are at a thousand books shelved and I am quite done with it.

So this is what i am doing at the moment and I have quite a pile to catch up so I will will say goodbye.

1 comment:

  1. I hope you get done soon. Sounds tedious.


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