Monday, June 3, 2013

A sky went by... or something like that.

Honestly folks I haven't forgotten to write, I just haven't had time. I have been so buisy doing Everything except horses. *SIGH!*

I haven't really been writing. I got a little... idea-ed out? during 100 for 100 (I was one of the grand winners!) My brain just did not want to focus on putting words to a paper to create a story. (of any kind)

So instead of writing I got back to one of my... hobbies that I haven't had time for for a long time; Photography. As I once said (I think) I am my sister's Kendra E. Ardnek's Personal Photographer. I am not that good but it is good enough. I will post my personal three favorites that I have taken this last month. (I have taken about 3,000 photos this month and some of them are quite breath taking.)

This one would have been perfect had it not been for that wire!!!!

The missing ball. 

I took 16 pictures and this is the only one that came out OK and is my personal favorite. 

Interesting view. I was thrilled to find a spider web was captured as well as the beauty of a flower from below. 

Mom found this, I am quite pleased with the way it came out.

I just thought this was neat. I have always loved the beauty of the prickle-vine. 

Pine-cones. Around here these are quite common. 

See the flower?

The attack of the killer aphids 

I just love Daises 

The back eyed Susan has got to be the sillist named flower in the world for Susan means graceful... I wonder how she got a black eye.  

From the Rose bush in the blackberry patch at the end of the road. I took quite a few pictures of the flowers but this is my favorite and currently my desk top photo. 

Something Rue found... It's a duck... in the road.... Poor thing.

And the....uhhh.... for the aphids.... I am keeping a eye out for Lady bug larva. I think it is so amazing to watch them grow. 


A Cat. 

Well at least I planned it to only be three.... As I said I have taken over three thousand pictures and picking just three is a bit on the hard side. LOL 

Well another thing I have been working on is Violin, My teacher just gave me my Christmas assignment on top of that I have to be ready to play in church. almost every Sunday so I am putting in about ten to fifteen hours a week into it.... I am not sure but I think I enjoy it. 

Ok enough of the bad jokes. I will be having some guest posts this month. My sister and Miss Jane Bennett my critic partner from crusade, or as I say it, The June thing. LOL I have trouble remembering names. Miss. Jane Bennett  writes at

Well I suppose that is it. I can't think of any remarkable way to end this post so I will simply say. BYE!!!!

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