Friday, October 26, 2012

A Exciting Day!

Oh Happy day! 
My Aunt is here,
And now to help put her stuff Away! 

LOL OK V. you're bad. 

Today was fulled with joy and much excitement after five months of cleaning, organizing and all in all excitement. My Aunt moved in next door today. WAHOOO! 

Now after all that cleaning of the house we now it is time to refill it. Oh well. At least unpacking is FUN. Packing is the hard part. 

Well if I don't get a post in, at least you know what I am doing. 

Tomorrow is going to be exciting as well, We will be having Sunshine's 3rd Bday party. YEAH!  Sunshine is my Baby sister. I cannot believe she is already that old. She is such a sweet little girl. Although I defiantly deserve her. She is so much like me. 

Sunshine and I reading two years ago

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