Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dr. Edger

Via Pintrest 

Today will be Dr. Edger. He is new in Draicy and quite taken aback with their customs  He grew up on the Planet Quaeo in the Andromeda system.

A few months ago the King of Mikada (The United planets) sent out a call for one Helicra to be the first diplomat to Shama (the planet.) Dr. Edger's third cousins, Dr. Emma and Dr Edna are very close friends with the king, so they suggest that Dr. Edger apply for the job. He got it.

He is a kindhearted man with a great understanding for the way things work in general. He is only in Draicy a few weeks when he visits the courthouse and finds Ashlene looking for a job. He realizes that this is no ordinary Shaitian girl and decides to hire her as a Jump-and-Fetch-it.

Over the next year he becomes a father figure to this lost and lonely girl and her brother. She learns a trade from him while she teaches him her people's culture.

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