Monday, October 22, 2012

Ashlene of Dracie

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I am going to start introducing some of my favorite character  from the books I am working on. Today will be Ashlene.

When her book starts she is about seven years old. She has just been hired/Apprenticed to Dr. Edger as a Jump-and-Fetch-It. (Which will be the name of her book.) She lives whith her Older brother Evander and a elderly lady they call Nonny (Grandmother.) Nonny had Adopted the children two years earlier.

Both children have pale skin, hair, and eyes, and acute imaginations. And Nonny is a dark elderly lady with snow white hair.

Ashlene is normally quite sweet, but she does have  temper. The boy next door has a scar on his cheek where she threw a shoe at him after he called her "Corn silk."

Ashlene favorite place to be is in the meadows outside the city. Here you will find both children in the early mornings. They are the only ones who would DARE do such. For, it is rumored to have strange people and creatures that live in the in between land. Here both children are free to discuss anything freely.

 She also loves the moments spent with Dr. Edger in the Healing gardens during breaks. After growing up without a father Dr. Edger quickly becomes this to this lost, insecure little girl. He is more to her than just someone she is learning a trade from, he is also the answer to "What am I." For he is the only other person other than her brother in all of Draicie (The town where she lives) who has blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. Dr. Edger is always willing and happy to help this child learn to use her gifts of healing and compassion to the benefit of her family, friends, and the rest of town.

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