Sunday, October 21, 2012

MY NaNo project

With NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) coming up in just one week I have decided to give you a snip-it of what I will be working on.

(If you have read my other blog, you probably have already read this.)

This story originally was written for a contest but I didn't win. Well people kept saying that this should be turned into a novel so for NaNoWriMo this will be the book I work on.  


A roosters call broke through the mornings silence

Lady Katherine sat up and stretched. The soft pre-dawn light shone through the gigantic window near her bed. 

The  rooster  sounded once again. 

She stood up and again stretched. She glanced back at the warm bed. It was tempting, Man was it tempting, but no,  she was not going to climb back into bed and miss her morning calm. 

She slipped into a soft flowing green gown.  She let the feeling of the material warm her soul. She began to sing a happy, but calm song. This was the beginning of her morning calm. 

She glanced at her desk; a solid oak desk covered in papers to be read, documents  that needed to be sighed, and numerous reports began... but never finished.  This was tempting. But no, she was not going to miss the morning calm. 

She picked up her flute and began to play the tune while she danced out her down the stairs, out to the square, and through the almost empty streets of the town. This was her morning calm. 

"Lady Katherine!" The baker’s deep voice reached ear. "Would you like some bread?" 

She shook her head. No, she was not going to eat now. The outpost was having a food shortage and she was not going to take from her subjects. Part of being a leader, she had learned two years earlier when she had become the leader at age twenty-five, was that they had to have more self-control than anybody else. She would not eat more than her ration, No matter how tempting. Two days... two days and the supply ships would come and they would have food. But would she let her stomach steal her morning calm? No! 

She danced on, cross the meadow, and to the lake. She slipped off her sandals and stood in the cool, cool water. Her eyes closed as the sun rose, her fingers slowing so she felt the music as well as the early sun. This was her morning calm. 

A calm that was for a moment, like a vapor that disappears too soon, her worries, and fears were absent. The morning’s joys filling her heart for now she was part of the music, a part of the calm about.

The birds, as they awoke, joined in her song. Each of the many voices was a wonderful thing, a twitter, a tweet, now here, now there; this was part of the calm. This was indeed the beautiful morning calm. 

Oh how she loved this moment. How she longed for it every day. As the music fill the meadow, and crossed every one of the glades. The peace that rarely was present, was here. A peace that was sweet, a peace that was full of hope, like a hug to the weary, or a kiss to the sad, this was her morning calm.  

Now the moment was gone, the moment of wonderful joy. The clock told her the time, the time to start the day. This was the end of her moment. But a moment spent in a special way. She left the water so cool; Slipped on her shoes, and returned to the meeting hall, to be part of her people, their trials, and the pain, till tomorrow when she would be here again.

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