Thursday, October 25, 2012


I've been tagged by Maryanne.... actually my least favorite characters to work with have been tagged by Maryanne. (Kendra you let your characters get a way with too much) I will tell you right now Kendra came up with them and gave them to me to work with. UGG!! I would like you to meet-

Hi I'm Sarahfina, and this is my sister Mariposa. (Elsie)

No you are Elsie and Elise. 

Oh but those names are no fun. (Elise) 

Who said it had to be fun!

Oh but V! 

UGG!!! As I said these two drive me NUTS! They are completely and toataly INSANE!

We are not insane, we are Sillyions!

Sillyions by definition are insane. I better let you know a bit about them before they tell you and get it all wrong.  Sillyions believe that "If it logical, don't do it." also "if it is expected don't do it." Which, believe me, makes them SOOO chalengeing to work with. 

We are't that bad. 

Elise, I prefer to be as logical as I can.... why don't you two simply get down to answering the questions before I get a headache. 

If you are tagged/nominated, you must post eleven facts about yourself.
- Then, you must answer the eleven questions the tagger has given you and make eleven questions for the people you are going to tag.
- Next, tag eleven more bloggers.
- Tell the people you tagged that you have tagged them.
- No tagging back

First, eleven facts about me:

1. Kendra came up with us because V. needed a bit of ill-logic in her overly logical book.
   No Kendra came up with you so I would have a character based on her... thing is somehow I ended up with two of you and I have yet to figure out how that happened
2.We can get out of any prison you put us in.
  I won't disagree with that. I normally put them in the brig to get them out of my hair for a day or two.
3. Sillyions are very, very,very, very, very, very very. (enough with the veryes OK) Smart. 
 Their IQ is well over 200... if only they would use it.
4. Oh we use them, it is just not in the way you would. 
5. We reprogrammed our mother's computer before we were a year old.
And nobody can figure out exactly how it works. Although they still use that same code even today. And some how it is faster and better than the one we use.... I wish they would explain it in a way that someone (other than themselves) can under stand
.6.We are in charge of the entire Library on the Great Bald Eagle, the finest space ship in the entire Mikada Fleet. 
7.Daddy is the King of Mikada. 
I better inform you what Mikada is before they go any further. Mikada = Mika= many Da= one. (a Sillyion came up with it, obviously.) Mikada Motto: Many planets under one King who serves one God for the good of all. It isn't exactly a empire because each planet has it's own laws and ruler. But they acknowledged King Theodoric as mediator if two or more planets have a disagreement. 
8. We are actually True Sillyion Mixers. 
 When you are dealing with multipul people groups you are bound to have them inter breed. They are true because the don't really know exactly how many groups they have in their "tree."
9. V. really does like us.
10. Kathie and V. Both hate admitting that they like us. but they really do. 
You can't win for loosing with these two! Kathie is their little half sister. their mother died in childbirth with their baby-sister Sally and their father remarried a- HUMAN!- Thank-you girls.
11. And that was our idea. We hoodwinked daddy in to visiting Earth and....(alright don't give away the plot OK) 

Now for them to answer the questions. (SIGH) MARYANNE!!! let's just hope I can control them with this... This isn't exactly a book where I can always turn tables on them or throw them in the brig or something like that to get them to behave here they are free to just be themselves without me to control them.

1. How many knives do you usually have concealed on your person? I'm not going to ask where you conceal them, but if you want to answer that, you may. Cary a knife.... hummm... you know it might be smart to do that. Hey Elise, do you think we could ask Peter to teach us how to fight with a knife?
Peter is a little busy, although he might. We could always ask Tom, The Chief of security to teach us how to use a knife since that is his favorite weapon. 
IF you girls don't mind will you please stick to your Zepha and quarterstaves?  
But V!

2. How many times have you run away from home? Do you ask your parents permission before you do so? Run away? Why would we do that? We Live on a space ship and never at home. True our Uncle is the captain. 

3. What is your rank and station in life? We are the chief Librarians, and Princesses of both Mikada and Salivock (mommy's brother is the king of Salivock) 

4. Do your cousins like you? Some of them do, some of them don't. It really depends. 

5. How many siblings do you have and do they like you? I am number 12 and Elise is number 11. Sally is the youngest of our sibs and she is #13 Then we have 15 more half Sibs. Then there are the adopted sibs and they number about 82. Some of them like us, most of them don't. 
For some odd reason the just don't get us. They say we are Ex-as-per-ate-ing. 

6. How many pets do you have? What are they and what are their names?
Who us, Pets, Kathie has a horse, two rabbits, a goose, a dog, a cat, and three goats.  But all the pets we have gotten we forgot about and they died. 
Don't forget the chickens, ducks and turtles. 
Kathie likes animals, it fun to play with hers. 
Just not her birds. (Shudder) 

7. Can you dance? Sing? Fight? Dance... we try, sing... V. says to hit the notes not butcher them Mommy says we should not hit so I don't get that. Fight, Oh we love to fight 
Girls.... girls.... ugg, Back to the questions please?

8. How many adventures have you gone on? Too many to count. (especially if Maryanne is the one who is counting) We LIVE on a military/exploratory ship!

9. You enjoyed them? Right? OF course, why wouldn't we?
10. Can you hop on one foot? Great, Thank-you very much Maryanne, Elsie is pretending she cannot so Elise is showing her how. Yes they both know how to do it. They are just pretending to be stupid. And Girls, It ain't funny, get back over here! I have other things to do other than make you behave! 

11. How many languages do you speak? 38  32

Alright you two may go back to the library. 
Now before I have your HIDE 
Hide, Hide, Let's play hide and go seek! YOU Count One... Two...

Good they are gone, Now will somebody please Tag ME not THEM next time ! 

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  1. Maryanne says that reading this over my shoulder was such a delight and that we really must do it again some time. I say that we need to come to an agreement over the spellings of Sarafina and Silivock.


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